[Original] Confused at this time-Chen Feng (Marketing Center)



When it comes to confusion, people often think of depression and decadence. In my opinion, in fact, confusion is not only synonymous with depression and malaise, but sometimes it is also a rising force. Some people in the face of confusion will be more to think, thick accumulation and thin hair, some people because of confusion and epiphany and awakening, so as to the glory of life!

Do you notice that there are some people around us who, no matter in frustration or confusion, will face life with a smile. Seeing them, we are like seeing the stars and the moon. Their faces are always brimming with sunny smiles, because they will never lack New Year and dreams!

Compared with them, are we still intoxicated with confusion, refusing to spread the wings of youth under the pretext of confusion?

You should know that the sky of life cannot be as loving and serene as that of a mother forever, with bright sunshine every day and occasionally confused wind and frost. Confusion is not terrible, what is terrible is to indulge in confusion, everyone else is living tenaciously, why should we forget where we are going?

In this world, every independent, capable, and intelligent person can feel at ease with confusion, and then balance their actions, beliefs, and strength towards the mountain of hope in life.

Face confusion, don't panic. It will not give up the erosion of your thoughts because of your haste. Don't look at confusion with sad eyes, because confusion is a cup of tea. The smart way is to face it bravely and taste it optimistically. In short to keep body and soul must have one on the road.

The true brilliance is not without ordinary light; the true hero is not without the sadness of the past. In the face of confusion, peace of mind. It is the solemn test of life; it is the glory of victory. This is not only a kind of spirit, but also a kind of strength. With it, we may not win, but after all, we are moving towards glory step by step!

Use your thoughts to climb high and look far away, and overlook your life: confusion is mostly due to your small mind, spreading your wings and flying and climbing high!

Facing confusion, if you can be calm and collected, maybe you will realize that life needs confusion, otherwise it will have its own meaning. In fact, the greatest joy of life is that it can transform today's confusion into tomorrow's positive power.

"Without wind and rain, how can we see the rainbow?" Let us with wisdom, passion, mind and dream to start a new century thriving desire!