[Original] Weekend Essay-Qiu Fuqin (Marketing Center)



time flies so fast, it's Sunday again, working days, weekends always seem so short! Today the weather is a bit cold, a few people at home listening to songs, watching movies, playing games, the mood is very comfortable! Remembering that the original article will be handed in tomorrow, it is time to calm down and write something well.

I haven't written anything for a long time, but I still can't write it when I lift my pen. Sometimes I really don't know how I used to write a composition, is it useless for a long time, all to the teacher? I already asked a friend to help me write an article, for him to write an article is a minute thing, but after all, it is someone else's thing, the writing is too good, and it is difficult for me to reach the realm, no matter how to imitate, after all, the realm is too high, the other people will know at a glance is someone else's work. However, I am very grateful to him for his article, which is easy to understand and seems to encourage me. Since it has been written, it cannot be wasted. Please attach it to the back for everyone to enjoy.

This year is the Year of the Horse. You have money right away, you have objects right away, and you have everything right away! When the blessing is flying all over the sky, the flavor of the year has gradually faded. But I was still immersed in it until the Lantern Festival was over, and suddenly I realized that it was time to start fighting.

Looking back on the past year, there are endless bitter, hot, sour and sweet! In the past, I always left it to nature. I thought that there must be a way for the car to get to the front of the mountain, and that when the boat came to the bridge, I would naturally go straight. Now I understand that the road was also my own. If you don't do something, you may have no way out. Fortunately, I have found this road and found this direction. Anyway, at least I have a direction. I believe that as long as we work hard and persevere in this direction, we will eventually succeed.

The plan for the day lies in the morning, and the plan for the year lies in spring. It is time to make good plans for yourself. In the new year, there are too many goals, how to slowly achieve, must not aim too high! I should be down-to-earth, step by step, although the process may be difficult, but the last memories must be happy. My short-term goal is not high, that is, to do this job well, it will not be too difficult for me, but it is important to persist, and at the same time, I must learn more, so that there are changes every year and gains every year. If you are free on weekends, you should practice more. If you don't go, you won't have time to take your driver's license! At the same time, I also hope that I can be more mature, know more friends, have less fun, think more about goals, make a little progress every day, and there will be a qualitative leap in a year! I hope that the Year of the Horse is a year of struggle, a year of harvest, and a year of change. In the Year of the Horse, I will gallop and strive towards the goals I have set!

Finally, I wish the company a smooth completion of the sales task throughout the year! I wish all the employees of the company a smooth work in the Year of the Horse, success in everything they want, and make a fortune immediately!!!


gallop endlessly, shameless in the end, even if it is slow, gallop endlessly, even if it leads to backwardness, even if it leads to failure, it will definitely achieve the goal he yearns. Life is a journey, bamboo sticks and shoes, a little smoke and rain is just an embellishment along the way, while whipping and galloping is the acme of life. Although the thorns and storms make people fail, there are always people who whip their horses and gallop endlessly.

It is true that Chen Yinke has been an academic for most of his life and is still a master of Chinese studies. Watson and Crick, after decades of years, have finally acquired DNA structure. Da Vinci studied hard for thousands of nights and eventually became a generation of great masters. How many giants, all of them, travel the way of life, beginning and ending together, often looking at the lighthouse on the other side, often burning the beacon in the heart.

"Difficulties and hardships, Yuru is the first to become." Shelley said, "No matter what the sky is above me, I am ready to withstand the wind and rain." However, the way to success in life must be, like rivers and rivers, to taste the pain of hitting stones and shooting cases. I don't know how long it will last. Camus once said that the joy of climbing to the top is the enrichment of one's life. Sisyphus, who is so daily rolling stone, is happy. In the repetition of day and night, Sisyphus built up a firm belief and belief, internalized into the desire for the top of the mountain. Even if he knew the suffering of the future, he would not stop insisting on seeing the success.

The historical green lantern scroll renders solemn and stirring feelings, and it is also the withered pen and light ink of white rice paper that is disconsolate in the years and soaks through the mind.

The natural and unrestrained son Lang, who asked for flowers from Nu Luo, has receded and is full of childishness, and his patriotic affection slowly fainted by the Miluo River. Even though the king did not understand the heart of his subjects and was tainted by some treacherous words, he still "endured but could not give up". Although the road of pursuing the ideal is long and long, has Qu Yuan ever given up? Although the whole world is turbid, has he ever mixed up in it? But in those years, the brocade was shining with bright lanterns, but now it is also open and closed with moss all over the wall. And he swam at the end of the river and died in innocence. A handsome son in white, although nine dead but still did not regret. His persistence is remembered by the Lingyu of the Miluo River, and his personality is singing Li Sao in the long stream of water.

Buddha Sakyamuni went austere in the snow-capped mountains, thought about life, tomorrow and the moon, believed in his own heart, and respected the feelings of all living beings. Water mooring ship, ship mooring shore. In those days, the bright moon shone on the outside of the curtain, and the beautiful screen embroidered mandarin ducks. Nineteen years later, there was only a courtyard and deep spring, and there was no painting at hand. Once ordered, the continuous green mountains cut off the luxury of Chang'an singing and dancing. A long yellow sand, do the most unforgettable words don't. Nineteen years of perseverance has never given up, when the red-clad fresh horse, leaving only white temples. Chi and non-stop, just because of the time under the spirit of the monarch.

With all the people walking alone in the long river of history, how many people can do this gallop without stop? But only this gallop can appreciate the beauty of "the small mountains under a glance. The road ahead is still blocked and long, but why doesn't the wind-haired son Lang in red and fresh horses spur his horse for tomorrow's guidance! Struggling forward, galloping and endless.