[Original] Success and Maturity-Ye Ye (Marketing Center)



A person cannot succeed, but he must mature. A person is easy to succeed, rarely mature. Especially psychological maturity.

Success makes us confident, and too much success makes us easily conceited.

would rather do what you like with the mood of failure than do what you dislike with the mood of success.

The so-called maturity is to forget both gains and losses, to be rational without losing passion, to be calm without losing calmness. In the face of success or failure is very calm, very calm in the face of life and death.

Su Shi took the imperial examination since he was 19 years old. He sang all the way, which can only be said to be a success. He was imprisoned many times, suffered all kinds of hardships, experienced the heat and coolness of the world, and the indifference of human feelings. He constantly dissected himself and finally matured.

Success is confusing and exciting, maturity is sobering and painful. Qu Yuan wandered along the river, shouting in his heart that the world was turbid and I was alone, and the world was drunk and I was alone. He had to tell the sky about his anguish. He had a clear understanding of the dangerous situation of Chu State. He was mature and could not turn the tide. He could not bear to stand by and watch the fire on the river bank. It is because of maturity that one wanders and suffers.

Success and maturity are not necessarily synchronized, first success and then maturity. Failure has made us more self-reflection and less arrogant hostility. Mature people know that failure is the mother of success, but do not repeat the same failure, can win without pride and defeat without discouragement. Mature people know that they have been defeated and fought repeatedly and do not blame others. When you succeed, keep a clear head and live in danger.

Prosperity is easy to make people successful, adversity is easy to make people mature. People who have smooth sailing are often frustrated. A failure to remember a lifetime, a lifetime benefit.

Only when you have experienced the success or failure of right and wrong, tasted the joys and sorrows of the world, can you mature. A person who does not have mature qualities is easy to fail even if he succeeds. Li Zicheng established the Dashun regime, but soon failed again. Xiang Yu succeeded countless times in his life. In the next war, he embarked on the road of no return. Both of them were immature.