[Original] Memories of Alma Mater-Liu Huibin (Marketing Center)



I went to the school (Fujian Health Vocational and Technical College) two days ago. There were memories everywhere. I looked through the photos taken on campus before. Every corner of the school brought us good memories and every activity brought us joy.

This is the 100-year-old day of his alma mater (On October 20, 2012, Fujian Health Vocational and Technical College celebrated its centennial birthday, and the school's sports and art hall was full of seats and drums and music. At 10 am, the celebration kicked off with the loud national anthem, and thousands of teachers and students all stood up to share this exciting moment.)

Campus Library (Library is the second classroom for us to learn. It is an effective way to broaden our horizons, cultivate our sentiment, cultivate aesthetic taste and acquire knowledge. It is the base for our growth and success. It provides us with a rich spiritual and cultural feast and shapes a good campus cultural environment.)

Students' indoor sports ground (sports are happy, sports fitness is the best way of life, whether it is life or work and study, it is very helpful to increase self-confidence, keep fit and healthy, exercise will and improve quality)

Athlete's elegant demeanour (firm pace, high morale, wind speed. Flying with a spirit of pursuing perfection)

Kung Fu Fan (Kung Fu Fan absorbs the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts, based on martial arts action Taijiquan, and combines Taijiquan with fan waving. It is a favorite sport of contemporary college students, promoting physical and mental health, achieving good emotional control, and improving the ability to express oneself.)

Dumpling Contest (every activity in the campus shows all kinds of elegant demeanour of the students, and their imagination and hands-on operation can be well exercised)

Beautiful flowers (beautiful scenery is everywhere, and beautiful scenes in the campus can keep our body and mind in a very fresh state all the time.)

The beautiful scenery under the sunset

1.1 drops are vividly in my mind, as if it were yesterday. Now that I am about to leave, I have more in my heart. Going out of the campus is another beginning. I will welcome a new life with a new look.