[Original] West Tour Cup Football Match-Chen Fan (Marketing Center)



The hottest topic nowadays should be regarded as the World Cup. The major media have broadcast it one after another, and the headlines of the news page are indispensable. Cheng Cheng has also fallen in love with this sport recently. Yesterday, he had nothing to do and asked to play a game with me. So he changed into a ball suit, and he called himself the Monkey King team. Name me Bull Demon Team. While I held up my cell phone to snap a shot, I flew up a foot. Ah, the ball came in! The little guy was dancing with joy. I dare to return a goal and tie the score. In this way, you come and go for a few rounds, his interest is getting higher and higher, and he has no intention of resting. But it was already very late and he had to go to school tomorrow, so he had to pretend to be the enemy, but he was willing to do it.

Below are the films taken last night, because they were taken while running, so there is some paste. Please forgive me!