[Original] Big Deer-Zhan Xiaoping (Marketing Department)



Big Deer is a friend of mine. In all my imaginable memories, he will accompany the grandmother across the road, make the children on the bus laugh, take care of the hospitalized mother upside down day and night, and shout at the thief who puts his hand in other people's bag. In short, he is a kind, loving, filial and conscientious young man.

But Siyou youth's road to work seems a little bumpy. After graduating from university, he sold insurance, sold cars, worked as a matchmaker... and started his own business. After going around several cities, he finally decided to settle down in City F temporarily. We are always warned that the world is not as beautiful and simple as we think, and we always scoff at it, after all, we see what we have in our hearts.

A month ago, he found a job about a precious metal financial management and other jobs that look high but ordinary people sound like they don't understand.

This time, he seems to want to tell us through practical actions that the world hides a killer.

vial interview

vial: big deer, what do you do now?

Big Deer: XX financial management... Let's go, let's go...

Small bottle: Although I don't quite understand it, I probably know that it is a way of investment and financial management. What is the content of your usual work? (Confused...)

Big Deer: It is to publicize, let others know about XX financial management, and then let customers buy it. Customers buy more and smoke more achievements. A colleague of our company smoked more than 30000 last month.

vial: sounds really good, the vast world has a lot to do. Then how do you let customers put money in your pocket?

At this time, Da Lu was a little embarrassed: Although I was selling financial products, I was actually working as someone else.

vial: a little bit don't quite understand...

big deer: is to register a QQ number, gender female, love male, casually search a lonely man with spare money to chat, first cultivate trust, then encourage him to manage money, that's it...

vial: this is too difficult, you a small QQ, there is no dynamic space and no interaction with friends. How can others be friends with you?

The big deer smiled slightly: Of course it will give this trumpet an identity. Well, to put it simply, you all like to play microblogs and other social networking sites, and then all kinds of photos. The first step of our work is to find a person on these social networking sites. First of all, the person must be a girl. Second, the girl is very temperamental or beautiful and rich. Finally, the girl must be very fond of posting feelings and photos. Yes, for example, the girl I found is Li Meili, then I will pay close attention to her for a long time. At the same time, I also created a QQ nicknamed Li Meili. I uploaded Li Meili's photos in the photo album. When Li Meili updated my microblog, I also updated Li Meili's QQ mood. At ordinary times, I went to other netizens to leave comments and reciprocate. Others will also visit you. Seeing that you are such a graceful Bai Fumei, I will certainly relax my vigilance and interact with you.

vial: then, how can you find potential customers and start chatting?

big deer: just search QQ, just search casually. Then sift. Our customer base is a man with spare money. After initially targeting the target, we will make friends with him and let him trust you. The first step is to convince him that you are a Bai Fumei with career, ideas, independence and personality. The second step reveals that he will do some XX financial management in his spare time. The third part subtly promotes XX financial management, saying as a friend that he can introduce him to a senior financial teacher in this industry.

Vial: Apart from QQ mood and photos, is there any other way to make the other party believe that you are a Bai Fumei? Is XX financial management licensed by the state or is it a murder?

Deer: For example, you can find any store in City F, tell the customer that you are a store, and tell him the name of the store. Customers will search the store online, so they will certainly trust you more. XX financial management is of course licensed by the state. Each province has a large exchange, and banks also have financial management for these precious metals.

vial: oh, to put it simply, your job is to use other people's identities to promote XX financial management, and then you can draw as much money as others spend on this financial management product, right.

Big Deer didn't speak. He handed me his cell phone and showed me Li Meili's QQ space. After listening to the story and looking at the space, it is actually a bit creepy, because each of us is Li Meili, and we may have become Li Meili in someone else's QQ trumpet. Today I am not in a beautiful mood, today I am in a beautiful mood, today I am in a new matai, today I am in Europe, Africa and Latin America...

When I was a child, I always liked to distinguish right from wrong, but the world was always hazy than I imagined. My friend Da Lu is a good man, but Li Meili must think he is a bad man.