[Original] Travel While Young-Zhou Liqun (Marketing Center)



Some people say: When you are young, you will go to a distance, carrying a travel bag alone, walking on a distant road. The mind does not need to be too tired, also does not need too many thoughts. A travel bag, a map, a camera, away from the worldly troubles, set off towards the distance to see the most beautiful scenery in the heart.

While we are young, speed up our pace to visit the great rivers and mountains, cultural customs, broaden our horizons and enrich our experience, because we will no longer be leisurely, secular trivial matters will firmly bind us; Because when we get old, we will not be able to walk, even if we have the heart to go out, we have already lost the ability to go out. Young we have a turbulent soul unwilling to be lonely, young we have great curiosity and yearning for the world. While young, go far away.

Actually, for me. The place I yearn for most does not need to be too prosperous, but I can't lose the implication of small jasper. There is a bottomless sea, a high mountain towering into the sky, and the charm of an ancient city. It is like spring all the year round. Perhaps there is Dali in Yunnan that I have been longing. In the morning of

, standing quietly at the place closest to the sunrise, you can see the first ray of sunrise slowly rising from the end of the sky, enjoying the initial sunrise floating in the air like a light gauze curtain, conjusing thousands of layers of glow and beauty, and then becoming more and more until half of the sky is red. Then quietly bathed in the morning sun, breathing the most primitive air, enjoying the most beautiful moment of nature, quiet as if in a fairyland, you can forget all the troubles of the world. In the afternoon of

, you can walk on the bluestone street along the place where you live. The autumn rain washes over the ancient city to make it beautiful and fresh. You can walk on the bluestone street and breathe the unique air smell after the rain. The tea shops and pubs on both sides of the street reveal the ancient charm everywhere. Being here seems to be really far away from the secular world, far away from the noise and hustle of modern cities. It is rare to feel the retro charm quietly. The autumn wind raised the streamers in front of the store and casually walked into a tea shop to taste a cup of fragrant tea slowly and feel the breath and artistic conception that had never been seen before.

Stroll in Erhai Lake on a moonlit night, let the sea breeze blow all over your body, and listen to the tide and waves pat the reef. Look at the white waves, wave after wave to the beach, breaking the silence of the night. Look at the moon hanging obliquely on the sky, the soft moonlight pouring down, shining on the white sand beach, sprinkling on wave after wave of waves ......

I want to travel like this, I don't want to do anything, I don't do anything, I just stroll quietly in a small city with beautiful landscapes, long history of cultural relics, and exotic folk customs.

while young, set off...

Because each of us, only when we have truly experienced travel, not travel, can we truly find ourselves. Maybe this trip, not too much need to have too much preparation, too much money. There is no need to have a clear goal, just simply go with the flow.

Everyone has a different definition of travel. Some people only regard travel as a way to relax, and do not look for differences in this sea and that sea. Sleeping lazily from beginning to end during the trip, and getting relaxation is the trip they need. However, some people regard travel as a kind of study. They need to go on the road alone. A person can absorb the nutrients obtained from the travel at will and help their growth.

But no matter how we travel, only we can hear our own voice when we travel. It will tell you that the world is wider than imagined.

All we need to do is to use limited time, limited money, and limited energy to see unlimited scenery ~