[Original] Pain of Growth-Lei Guihua (Business Administration Department)



When the first morning light pierces the black curtain, a new day comes quietly, day after day, year after year, fallen leaves drifting, and the days pass away in an instant. Inadvertently their immature face, migration added a few vicissitudes and a little wrinkles. And I still embrace dreams as usual, not afraid of hardships, brave struggle, only for the love of the heart. On the way to growth, look back at the mark of this road-inscription


when I was a child, I thought I could save the world, be a policeman and catch bad people all over the world. Now I just want to be a little person, lose my temper in the noisy, get trifles in the oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, eat, drink, go shopping and travel, there is nothing worth fighting to curry favor with anyone, don't use others to neglect yourself, don't buy what you can't afford, don't forget what you can't forget, be narrow-minded, live to be happy, let yourself comfortable, fake fuck off, tangle to death... Be a real little person full of joy.


When I was a child, I fantasized that I was Snow White and would meet my prince charming and have an unforgettable wedding in my life. Now I just want to be stable and happy and resist the cruelty of reality. I don't want vigorous love, I just want plain love, doing what I want to do under the same roof, occasionally watching Korean dramas, occasionally watching police movies, watching entertainment programs, accompanying him to watch the World Cup, letting him drink my coffee, eating my extremely difficult breakfast, basking in the sun, watching the sunset, taking my little hand for a walk and talking about our life and ideals. In the storm, he sent me an umbrella, in the thunder when he covered my ears, told me he was there, don't be afraid. When I am wronged outside, he can be my punching bag. This kind of love is enough, don't need him to have a house and a car, just with him.


When I was a child, I always imagined that life was so complete. Now I know that the five flavors in life cannot be sweet, even if sweetness makes people full of happiness, just like spring cannot be the only one in the four seasons of the year, even if spring makes everything full of vitality. Everyone's life is doomed to experience ditches and ridges, taste bitterness and helplessness, experience setbacks and frustrations, the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, even if thousands of unwilling, helpless, when reality and ideal stand on the balance of life at the same time, the pointer must be tilted, and we often give up our ideals at this time, and choose to go with reality. It is not that ideals are no longer important, but that in the face of reality, we choose to assume our own responsibilities, choose to live up to others, and strive to approach reality. And the ideal will be buried deep in our hearts, it will slowly accumulate strength, and one day, it will sprout and blossom.


Growth is sour and sweet, unwilling to grow up, may time stay. Memories of the past, my eyes in the rain, wet all my pride! I have nowhere to release the youth, continue to tangle, full of street wandering... Looking...