[Original] Travel with Books-Wu Min (Marketing Center)



Older people have a dream in their hearts. It is a dream that lingers in their hearts when they were young-to pack their bags and see the world. However, not many people can really realize this dream, or forced to make a living, or do not have time, but even so, the body can be bound and the mind should be free.

There are not many people who can travel, and there are even fewer people who really understand the meaning of travel. Travel is different from tourism. It focuses on "travel" rather than "travel". It is the dual enjoyment of body and mind. The places you have visited, the beautiful scenery you have seen, and the people and things you have met will become the best memories in your heart. Travel is not the patent of the rich, because the real meaning of travel lies in the spirit, not the material, so as long as you get a good book, you can follow the author to a cheap and rich and pleasant spiritual travel.

Recently, it happened to be a lot of leisure time in summer. My son and I read Long Anzhi's "The Road to Shambhala" together and felt a lot...

I think everyone's heart is the same as I yearn for the holy Tibet, the snow-covered plateau, the continuous snow-capped mountains, the vast sky, the boundless grassland, and the endless rivers. Yak, the boat of life across the plateau. Goshawk, a proud warrior fighting the sky. Life is nurtured and rooted in this magical land, grows vigorously, and thrives without interest. Living in this land is a group of warm, cheerful, kind and simple Tibetans. They are rooted in this magnificent land, with their unique wisdom, living comfortably under the protection of nature. They know the relationship between man and nature better than anyone else. Compared with nature, human beings are as small as a grain of sand in the vast desert, a drop of water in the vast ocean, and a dust in the vast universe.

The world cycle, the cycle of cause and effect, what we are doing now, is the best prophecy. Their religion, Tibetan Buddhism, is one of the religions that I think have the most thorough and philosophical understanding of human nature. It is out of devotion to religion and reverence for life that they can live so thoroughly.

This concept became clearer after I finished reading "The Road to Shambhala". Shambhala is a guide to the kingdom of Shambhala in legend. To some extent, it is also a guide to spiritual practice. The author Long Anzhi accidentally discovered the ancient Shambhala in a small antique shop in Lhasa, bought it from the owner, and then set foot on the road to Shambhala. Guided by the scriptures, he went deep into western Tibet, crossed the desert, climbed the snow-capped mountains, visited the ruins of the Guge Kingdom, and finally arrived at the Tashilhunpo Monastery, the residence of the 11th Panchen Lama. Does it really reach Shambhala? It doesn't matter. In fact, Shambhala is just an ideal kingdom imagined by people, and it is people's yearning and pursuit for a happy life. What is more important is what you see and feel along the way and talk with living Buddhas, lamas, herdsmen about their understanding of the path of Shambhala in their hearts.

At least, I think this is a very meaningful trip. Nima Tsering of the Jokhang Temple once said, "Now that people have entered the Cary era, wars are everywhere, diseases are rampant, and a certain superpower dominates the world, the stronger its desire is, the deeper it is trapped and the more it cannot help itself. The advanced science and technology of mankind should not be used to develop weapons to destroy others, but to develop medical technology to help people resist the invasion of diseases." Thought of here, I think these words are very reasonable, at least confirmed a fact. This once again makes me pay homage to the wisdom of Buddhism...

I want to travel with a book, travel to Tibet with Shambhala Road, go deep into its soul and draw nourishment from its great spirit. In the last piece of pure land in the human world, in a world without material desires, put aside all troubles, absorb the essence of ancient civilization with zero attitude, wash my soul with the holy water of snow mountain, nirvana and rebirth.