[Original] Ordinary Road-Wu Zhifang (Marketing Department)



The theme song "The Ordinary Road", which guides the topic of public opinion all the way, attracted the attention of many people as soon as it was released, not only because it was the theme song of Han Han's film, but also because it was the work of Park Shu after more than a year of sealing. I have always admired Park Shu's independent and immortal posture in music. The picture of

MV is matched with the lyrics. From the beginning to the end, there is only one car running on the road, taking us through the coast and forest, spring and autumn without rest. "I have crossed the mountains and the sea, and I have also crossed the sea of people. Everything I once had was floating in smoke. I was lost, disappointed and lost all directions until I saw the ordinary, which was the only answer." "I used to be like you, like him, like the weeds and flowers, crying and laughing in despair." "Somehow this is the only way I have to go. Time is speechless, tomorrow is just around the corner, the wind is still blowing a long way, where is your story". The lyrics of

do not need extra explanation. They frankly take the ups and downs and losses of the past, confusion and answers, and take you to a certain time and space that you have experienced with this car running forward. Life turns us into philosophers, thinking about our experiences, confusing the meaning of everything we do, and even confusing the meaning of life at a given moment. Everyone has a story, so complicated that everyone is not heavy, how necessary it is to give your heart an answer. There is a detail in an Indian funny "Three Silly Men Make Bollywood". The male owner said that sometimes our hearts are afraid that it needs comfort. Please tell it: "Everything is good (all is well)". In the lyrics is Han Han's answer: "ordinary is the only answer", giving the heart a comfort, a place where the gap between ideal and reality is placed, and then we can have the strength to move forward without being trapped in it. We don't know how far we can go and what kind of scenery we can see. I also don't know how high we can climb and what kind of people we meet. But we are ordinary people, walking this ordinary road, seeing the ordinary scenery in everyone's eyes and meeting the ordinary you and me. It is a cool attitude of "not indifferent, not clear, not quiet, not far away" to live a positive life. Although Han Han said, "although we have heard a lot of truth, we still can't live a good life", but what he thought was whether "life is still long, some truth is better known earlier", and he wrote down such lyrics, using the voice of Pu Shu.

This is why the indifferent Han Han won the flashy four.

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