[Original] Black and White Alley-He Lingting (Quality Control Department)



In the old courtyard, there lived a family. Outside the courtyard was a long bluesstone alley path that stretched to the front of another family's door. One day, two families gave birth at the same time. Only one is a man and one is a woman. In the girl's yard was planted a sycamore tree, which was planted several generations ago. There are always many birds on the trees, and the afternoon sun scatters the ground through the shadow of the trees. The girl's grandmother always likes to take the girl to bask in the afternoon sun. Gradually, the girl grows up. Under the influence of her mother, she learns the zither and often plays the zither under the plane tree in the afternoon. The melodious and soft zither passed through the bluish stone lane to the other side. At this time the boy has also grown up, it is active period. Although the bluestone alley is long, but long but melodious music. The boy often sneaks in at the door to listen.

Time has passed, and a few years have passed in an instant. When the children reached school age, they both entered school. In class, Mr. Wang held a ruler in his hand and shook his head to teach the three-character sutra. The children read loudly and childish children's voices came out leisurely. Three thousand zhangs of splashed ink into black and white propaganda. After school, because in an alley, boys and girls always go home together. The winter night comes early, and the faint moonlight often falls before the two children come home. Two people bathed in the moonlight, spring to autumn. The child is not the child.

Boys often look at the sky and think about what world is at the end of the day. So the boy wanted to find the answer. Before he left, he went to the girl and asked the girl to play him again. Although the girl had played the boy many times before, this time the girl was very serious. Because she doesn't know when she can play another song for the boy next time. The boy left, with the girl's care, left the courtyard. To find his sky. After the

boy left, the girl often sat alone on the zither and was slightly above the moon. The faint moonlight was scattered through the plane tree, with a slight coolness. The girl then gawked at the bluestone alley outside, and the bluestone alley at night was shining with white light in the moonlight. I couldn't help flashing past the previous scenes. In the past, when boys and girls went home together, they occasionally scared girls, but when girls were unhappy, he would also fight girls happily. The girl looked at the alley outside, thinking that the moonlight still covered the alley where we went home, but you were no longer with me.

still didn't finish listening to the music and went home. Over the years, the boy had never listened to an entire piece of music at once. But the girl never asked why, but every time she would finish the song, because she could feel that the boy could hear even if he left.