[Original] Last Green Car-Lin Yaohua (Supply and Storage Department)



[Original] Last Green Car-Lin Yaohua (Supply and Storage Department)

green train is a train that is about to be eliminated. The speed varies from model to model. It is an old-fashioned train passenger car type without air conditioning. Therefore, the price and fare are extremely cheap. Appearance is dark green, hence the name.

accidentally bought the last green ticket to cancel at the end of July this year because he was traveling through Henan on a business trip. It's an out-of-print green leather train ticket.

Sitting on the green leather train, because there is no air conditioner, the train smells of sweat everywhere. However, recalling the first time I went out to travel when I was young, I took the green train. The green train is a special memory when traveling in the 1970 s and 1980 s. "These memories do not have the comfort of air conditioning, the noise of electronic broadcasting, the roar of passing by in a flash, and only the sound of" situation and situation "and the lasting appeal that fills one's heart. Full of memories...