[Original] Travel Record-Xu Yizhou (R & D Department)



Every year, I go to Zherong Pharmaceutical Factory to work, and every time I have different experiences and gains.

The pharmaceutical factory that arrived on July 10 quickly contacted to arrange accommodation. When I asked, I was not sure if there was any arrangement (I came to Zherong temporarily, and it was normal not to arrange it). I had a brainwave and went to the dormitory building myself. I have already written my name on the form. I climbed upstairs to my residence. Well done, the door is still moving, and it doesn't take any effort to enter the door (writing here, I highly recommend 503, living in this room is also good: protect your eyes and ensure sleep time). The pilot test of

started, and the work was also very hard. It was OK to eat and drink.

came back one night. A flash of light flashed across the sky. It was a meteor. Teacher Yu joked that this is the welfare after overtime. Also, beautiful things, after hard work, are increasingly radiant.

July and August, typhoon weather month. Zherong can't escape this mountain.

This morning, the wind was unusually strong and the rain was unusually floating.

A glass fitting broke the day before.

Well, today's number one task is to assemble a similar accessory to replace the previous one.

rubber stopper, glass tube are in the laboratory, technical center laboratory.

When the wind blows, the umbrella becomes vulnerable. My little glasses are drifting with the wind. I chase and chase, pick up my glasses and run towards the office.

one trip, no. Two trips, no. Three trips to complete the mission.

Pilot test as usual.

During this pilot test, there were many problems, but they were all solved one by one.

There are always problems and they can't be solved. Only those who do not admit defeat and are not afraid of hard work can overcome it.

After a few days, it's time to return to Fuzhou.