[Original] Sunshine Always After Wind and Rain-Chen Qinmei (Workshop)



At dusk, walking alone on the banks of the Longxi River, willows, fish playing in the water, humming small songs, happy notes rippling in my heart.

July day, said the change will change. In a twinkling of an eye, a sudden storm, wet the city, also wet my world.

The wind roared wantonly in my ears, and the rainstorm hit my body. Looking for a place to hide, but nowhere to be found. At this time, I can only run in the storm. Blurred vision, no direction.

The rain was falling desperately, and the potholes on the ground stirred up white splashes, like glittering and translucent rain butterflies dancing with free souls.

finally found the harbor of berthing-home. Soak a hot bath, drink a cup of hot tea, leaning on the window, hot tea, warm the body, but also warm my heart.

The rain stopped and the fresh air was refreshing. Outside the window, the green leaves in the wind and rain after the baptism, no dust, become vibrant. The grass is greener and the flowers are more colorful! Look! A beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky! That seems to be where I'm heading!

Sunshine is always after wind and rain. As long as there is sunshine in our hearts, we will always dispel the dark clouds in the sky. As long as we have firm faith and fight bravely, our life will eventually be full of sunshine!