[Original] Work Perception-Lai Qiuju (Finance)



I have been transferred to the finance department for more than four months. I am deeply touched by these four months of study and work. As an accountant, in the actual work, must be in good faith for their own moral standards, to be pragmatic for their own work style, to be cautious for their own work attitude, in compliance with the enterprise accounting standards and accounting system under the premise of flexible use of accounting knowledge to deal with the daily economic activities of enterprises encountered in a variety of economic business. Apply theory to practice, and slowly transform theory into one's own ability in practice. Accounting work is a repetitive and patient work. The so-called slow work leads to careful work. Anxious heart is not acceptable. Lazy work attitude is even more important. The most important thing is to be careful, patient and attentive.

The so-called carefulness is to have a rigorous working attitude, which is responsible for the work and also responsible for oneself. We must not be careless and careless. We must be careful and serious about every data and every certificate. No matter how big or small a thing is, we must actively think before doing it, discover the rules, and pursue speed on the basis of quality assurance.

The so-called patience is to do every repeated and simple thing in a down-to-earth manner, because all complicated things are compounded by simple things, just like when making vouchers, you must check them repeatedly to ensure the accuracy of each amount, and each expenditure certificate must be consistent with the invoice. Although these are trivial and repetitive things, we must be patient and do them well, otherwise it will bring great difficulties to the follow-up work once problems arise.

The so-called intention is to continuously enrich one's business knowledge, learn, understand and master policies, regulations and company systems, and comprehensively improve one's comprehensive level while doing one's job well. In addition, there must be a strong sense of safety. Cash, checks, and various seals must have internal custody and division of labor, each with its own responsibilities, as well as external security measures to protect personal safety and the company's interests. Loss.

Carefulness, patience and dedication are essential qualities for a financial worker. Although the accounting post is ordinary, we still have to seriously do every little thing well, think actively while working, and find new methods.