[Original] Kongshan Old Rain-Song Han (Technology Center)



After the new rain in the empty mountain, the weather comes late in autumn. -"An Autumn Evening in the Mountains" Wang Wei

Rain is still the same rain, but the mountain is no longer the same mountain.

Walking on familiar and unfamiliar streets, you can't see the motor well where you played. Can't rest at will, can't take care of yourself, walk

broken bridge and stone sheep statue, the smell of fried goods in the dream, the smell from the workshop, the clear cry of peddlers through the alley...

has lived in the plain for a long time and does not understand the mountain situation. Only when it is sunny, can you see the shadow of the mountain from afar.

But I always feel that my side is full of mountains.

should have gone through thousands of years to change. The mountains that follow the crustal movement are now changing with each passing day, which is dizzying. Seeing him rise up, seeing him feast guests, seeing his building collapse. Black and white humor interweaves errors and outlines life. It's not the mountain's fault.

How great is the power of man. They shoulder the head of the mountain and break the foot of the mountain. I hope they will be kind and not hurt the roots of the mountain.

The roots sleeping in the soil connect everyone who grows in this land. Ironically, we are all vagrants. Fifty years later, wherever this flesh goes, that root will grow.

The fallen leaves always return to their roots.

You have leveled the hills around me, but you have cut the roots in the soil.

But the rain will still be the rain.