[Original] Temporary Worker-Xiao Long (Quality Control Department)



"Dr. Liu, get ready for delivery!" A group of white coats who had just finished a delivery operation had not had time to pack up the surgical tools. This is not coming again. There is no way. The obstetrics and gynecology department is so busy. Xiao Liu, the chief surgeon of

, was preparing to take the step-down operation. but the director ran over and stopped him: "Xiao Liu, don't go in yet. I just received a phone call from the director saying that the cousin of director Niu of the health bureau is going to have a baby soon. she is heading here. it is estimated that she will arrive in 5 minutes. This Lord can't neglect. You are the first knife in our obstetrics and gynecology department. You will deliver the baby. I can rest assured." Xiao Liu: "But this newly arrived patient is about to give birth, and other doctors are also undergoing surgery..." "It doesn't matter, I will play here in person. Although I haven't been on the operating table for a long time, I haven't been unfamiliar with this job yet." The director walked into the operation preparation room with full confidence.

A few minutes later, another ambulance came back, followed by a black BMW. A very handsome man emerged from the inside. He left Xie Guangkun's hairstyle in "Country Love". With a staggering pace, he touched his corrupt belly and entered the hospital. Looking at this posture, he was undoubtedly Director Niu. "Who is Dr. Liu?" Xiao Liu rushed forward: "I ...... I am." "I am Director Niu. You know the situation, so I won't say much. You can't make mistakes with this. Otherwise..." Director Niu took out a full red envelope from his briefcase and stuffed it into Xiao Liu's white coat pocket with a serious expression.

Xiao Liu did not dare to neglect, hurried into the preparation room, everything is familiar. When he came to the delivery room, Xiao Liu found that the patient was not only narrow in the pelvis, but also had an incorrect fetal position. it was estimated that it would be difficult to give birth smoothly. therefore, he suggested director Niu to choose caesarean section. director Niu said, "you are a doctor and you can do whatever you want."

Just when Xiao Liu's caesarean section was short of the last critical cut, he suddenly felt dizzy and listless. It may be because he has had five consecutive operations today and the patient's special status has put a little pressure on him. However, Xiao Liu knew that he was one cut short of seeing the fetus, and now there is no doctor to replace him, he shook his head and started to cheer up. He cut the knife. This time, the force was too strong. The patient's black blood kept flowing out. Suddenly, the atmosphere of the operating room became heavy-the venous plexus was cut. Xiao Liu quickly called the nurse for transfusion, blood transfusion, and hemostatic forceps to stop bleeding. The blood that could be produced was still more than the blood lost. What was worse, under the pain, the patient's uterus contracted violently, the amniotic fluid of the fetus is squeezed and a large amount of blood flows in, and the fetus is likely to suffocate and die. Xiao Liu is in a dilemma. If the fetus is dissected out now, it will definitely cause the patient's bleeding to become more serious. I'm afraid adults will not be able to keep it at that time. If you help the patient stop bleeding first, it will definitely take a lot of time. At that time, the fetus will not be able to save the adult or the child first. This multiple choice question was thrown to Director Niu by phone. Director Niu gritted his teeth after hearing this: "Didn't your dean say that you were the first knife in obstetrics and gynecology? How could you... come out to look good?" After saying that, he gritted his teeth, was silent for a while, and said coldly, "Save the child."

Xiao Liu thought that he had such an accident this time, and the patient's family was director Niu, and his hands shook involuntarily. fortunately, this time the family wanted to save the child. this is easy to handle. if you want to save the adult, there is probably no hope. After a few simple steps, the fetus was successfully dissected and the umbilical cord was cut, but the adult soon lost his heartbeat.

Xiao Liu This is the first medical accident. Life is a matter of life. He asked the head nurse what to do. The head nurse glanced at the frightened interns standing aside and whispered that the knife was done by the interns. Anyway, they were temporary and we had less responsibility.

Xiao Liu was silent for a moment: "No, so they won't want to be doctors for the rest of their lives. No one is willing to take the blame. Even if someone does, the interns are only students. In the end, we have to bear joint and several responsibilities. Not light."

Just when everyone was at a loss, one of the interns suddenly jumped up: "Didn't our hospital just introduce a high-precision surgical robot? Don't you just say it did it? Then we can attribute the responsibility to the developer of this machine."

The head nurse hurriedly connected: "This robot is used by XX High Tech for high-level scientific research in our hospital. It is a temporary worker. The accident can only be regarded as a clinical experiment failure, not a medical accident."

Everyone gave a thumbs up: "This is how the report is written."

A few days later, Director Niu was charged with corruption, bribery and "keeping a mistress". The whistleblower was the parents of the deceased. At first they thought that after her daughter gave birth to a child for Director Niu, her daughter could "become a full member". Unexpectedly, Director Niu made a cruel decision to save the child and not the adult, so the evidence collected by her daughter before to do "positive" capital in the future was handed over to the police.

This matter was made public and aroused widespread concern among the people. Later, it was revealed that the mayor was the brother-in-law of Director Niu, and the position of Deputy Director of the Health Bureau of Niu Chongtian was tailor-made for him by the mayor. This scared Mayor Zhang. In order to calm down, the municipal party committee explained that Niu Chongtian was only acting deputy director, not officially appointed, and was a temporary worker.