[Original] Children in Parents' Eyes-Yuan Min (Kougu Workshop)



My family has a little baby who is lively, cheerful, polite and knows how to do his own thing.

I remember that in the first semester when I just sent my child to school, he was always afraid to go to school. Every morning when he walked into the school gate, he was always crying, making noise, holding me tightly and not letting go. He kept saying, "Don't read, don't read, no coax is useless, and because of his tight work time, he had to force the child to be separated from himself. At that time my heart was aching.

Gradually, the child grew up and became more sensible. It was still the same at the beginning of the second semester. One day when he sent the child to school and walked into the door of the classroom, he took the initiative to walk into the classroom to find a seat and waved goodbye to me. When I turned my head and walked out of the classroom, my heart was relieved. The mood at work that day was unspeakably happy. The child really grew up.

The child is clever and naughty, and also a cry baby. He is crazy when playing and cries like a girl. However, children will always be children, and the children in every parent's heart are the best. No matter how outstanding they are, children will always be our parents' concern.