[Original] Children Are Everything to Parents-Zhao Baojun (Marketing Center)



[Original] Children Are Everything to Parents-Zhao Baojun (Marketing Center)

may be a different age. I remember that when I was born, I went to elementary school, middle school, university, and then got married and had children. All this did not make my parents too much effort, because my parents were ordinary The working class has no solid family background and no good back door relationship. What can give me is simple upbringing and a down-to-earth character, but these are enough to make me based on the society, but today, 30 years later, what changes have taken place? There is no back door relationship, no solid family background, and the children's journey is difficult step by step. The parents' steps are difficult. Is it social progress? Has the heart changed? Still......

Children are everything to every parent. Parents are desperate for their children. If you don't give your child a good background, then you need to give him a good school. If there is no good school, he needs a good teacher. If there is no good teacher, you must cultivate him to be particularly motivated. If you fail to educate your children, you will have no more power and no more money. The good reputation you have accumulated all your life, and your children may disgrace you in one thing. Educating excellent children is the greatest wish of every parent.

Children are everything to parents. This sentence expresses the heart of being a parent and also expresses the expectation of being a parent. What a pity for parents in the world!