[Original] Life Reverie-Zheng Dongjing (Marketing Center)



Life is a very wonderful process, joys and sorrows, all kinds of human feelings, accompanied by a trace of bitterness, life seems long but short.

rejoice when you come, mourn when you go, and walk around in the empty world. Man was originally a body, faded gorgeous coat, the remaining only vulgar unbearable soul.

Love this world because it is prosperous, hate this world because it is grandiose. The vast world, love and hatred, only because of desire.

Some people say: To be a man is to practice. However, they are all doing ascetic monks, but their seemingly calm hearts cannot find a home. They have cried and laughed, and have seen the best things in the world, but it is a game of life and a dream.

has been to the most wonderful and prosperous world, and has felt all this. I am very grateful and deeply moved at the same time. Knowing that the road of life is very long and still far away, I also know that no one can escape death and not fear death, because I am very strong and not afraid of death, because my past life is death and I have no regrets to see everything in this world, flowers bloom and fade, and spring and winter are still the same.

I don't know how long I will live, maybe I should seize every day in front of me. Many people hope that they can live for more than a hundred years, but I think that as long as they are happy when they are alive, they are valuable. No matter how short life is, it will become very long.