[Original] Zhangzhou Tour-Hong Liming (R & D Department)



[Original] Zhangzhou Tour-Hong Liming (R & D Department)

Just as July was burning, a group of friends started a walk-and-go trip.

Saturday morning, leaving behind a week's hard work, carrying a small bag and a change of clothes. We boarded the Harmony bullet train bound for Zhangzhou. Our goal this time is a friend's lychee garden.

After a two-hour journey, we finally set foot on the land of Zhangzhou, the hometown of fruits. We are not greeted by the fast pace of big cities, but by the leisurely pace of small cities.

After a short rest, we went straight to our destination, the litchi garden. According to my friend, there are more than 500 litchi trees in his family. A group of us chattered about how many litchi trees each would divide up.

We walked all the way up from the foot of the mountain, with litchi trees along the way. The people here are very hospitable and will be very enthusiastic when they see us. Let's taste the litchi on their litchi tree.

Of course we're not at all welcome, talking and laughing all the way, picking litchi from the tree and tasting it. The ancients have a saying: if you leave the branch, the color will change in one day, the fragrance will change in the second day, the taste will change in the third day, and the color and fragrance will be gone in the fourth or fifth day. Just a few words said the litchi is not easy to save. This lychee, which has just been picked from the tree, has been sent into our mouth. It can be said that we have tasted all the taste of lychee.

We saw litchi full of trees in the litchi garden. Even some branches have fallen to the ground. After the lychee tree has been improved. The whole tree is only three meters high, and all the lychees are really at your fingertips.

It is already evening when we come down from the litchi garden. Zhangzhou with a beautiful sunset to greet us down the mountain. This picture is so beautiful.

Dinner was cooked by my friend himself and made a whole table of delicious food. A group of us drank and chatted happily until midnight. The happy day ended here.

The next day we set foot on the journey back to Fuzhou. In a short period of two days, there are too many memories left in my mind, waiting for me in Zhangzhou, waiting for me in litchi garden, and I will come again next year.