[Original] Cherish Family Affair-Wei Yan (Finance Department)



Family affection comes in advance before you come to this world, and always accompanies you through the slow journey of life. When you leave this world quietly without any disease, he still flows silently and even continues through time and space.

The baby fell to the ground. The parents worked hard, holding it in their hands for fear of freezing, and holding it in their mouths for fear of melting. Nutritional milk calcium supplement, not afraid to buy, maybe not sold. When you go to school, the school must choose the best, and the teacher must choose the best. For the children to have a good learning environment and seek a good future, they will not hesitate to spend money and are not afraid to lose face. Many parents have become attendants from kindergarten until they graduate from college in Senior high school. When a child is studying outside, parents should do their best to live frugally-eat, not to suffer more than others, and not to affect the child's growth and development; wear, not to be worse than others, it will hurt the child's self-esteem; use, no matter how hard you are, you must Let the child have a loose hand, not let him (her) be unable to be a person in front of classmates.

From childhood to adulthood, parents, brothers, and sisters spread blood kinship, teachers, classmates, colleagues, and friends pass on friendship and kinship, and husband and wife merge with affection. With family affection, the road in the dark will be illuminated; with family affection, the winter of life will be full of warmth; with family affection, your life will always fly and flourish. However, in real life, some people just don't know how to cherish those meticulous family ties, and their parents' painstaking efforts are disciplined in front of hostility. The selfless care of friends is misunderstood as hypocrisy. The leadership's spur is seen as ulterior motives.

Family affection is precious, it is happy to have family affection, and it is even more valuable to cherish family affection. As the saying goes, only when you get married can you feel the hardship of keeping a family, and only when you raise a child can you know how to return your mother's kindness. Life is short, do not come and go, "the son wants filial piety but the relatives are not there, the kindness wants to report but the person has gone" often stay forever hate! While young, while now cherish the family.