[Original] Memories of Pharmaceutical Factory-Zheng Lili (Administrative Division)



[Original] Memories of Pharmaceutical Factory-Zheng Lili (Administrative Division)

originally wanted to sort out an original article, but it was always delayed by some things that were important and important and unimportant. It was better to say that my floating heart never quieted down than that this city in the world was too noisy and noisy. This is the end of the story, so laugh it off!

(passing wind, passing clouds, passing stars, those twinkling bright eyes, please turn what you see into sound and bring it to everyone; Birds are my alarm clock, I can still open my eyes, the air is still supplying oxygen to me, food keeps me alive, my body is still young, I am still qualified to express around, not affected by the weather, with a good mood, you can still have small dreams.) Looking at the above words, I think of myself before. I like to be intoxicated in the night created by Zherong Pharmaceutical Factory. It is so warm, so quiet, and everything is so beautiful! Nowadays, it seems that there is a lack of a pair of eyes to find beauty, or perhaps it is lazy and aesthetic fatigue!

Looking at the previous photos, I feel that I am old now, with less heart to play and less passion. The seemingly naive time now seems especially precious.

Little friends, big friends, let our hearts young again; don't be physiological age constraints, occasionally crazy once, twice what does it matter, their own happy is the most important, isn't it? Go mountain climbing, picnic, go to play, to participate in various activities, to enrich our colorful life! Do you want to look at the previous photos and admit that you are old?