[Original] Mom's Kitchen-Chen Sixia (Sales Department)



From childhood to adulthood, my mother produced countless delicious foods, and the kitchen was their birthplace. I 've seen a joke before. When the child comes home, he often uses the following sentence: 1. Mom, I'm hungry. 2. Mom, where are my clothes? 3. Sometimes when my mother is not at home, it becomes: Dad, where is my mother? After laughing, I am a little moved. Having a mother's child is like a treasure!

Mother's cooking is quite good, especially when it comes to home cooking. Such as glutinous rice cake fish, vinegar cabbage, sour and spicy potato shreds, etc., never tire of eating. The spicy shrimp balls in summer, every time I go home to eat and take them, I have a big appetite. I don't know if there is any reason why I do things vigorously and vigorously and have a spicy personality?

Chatting with my mother, I said: you have to go into the kitchen every day, don't you feel bored? My mother smiled and said, "What's so annoying about this? You want to have some home-cooked food when you come back, which is not difficult. Although it is simple, it is full of love!