[Original] Sichuan Cuisine Classic-Boiled Fish-Lu Xinquan (Sales Department)



Boiled fish, a classic dish of Sichuan cuisine, has become popular all over the country with the development of Sichuan cuisine from north to south. No matter whether you can eat spicy or not, you like to have a bite. A few friends get together, order a live fish, surround a table, and drink a little wine, which is called a beauty. The first time I came to the northeast to eat boiled fish, I was shocked. It turns out that the people of the northeast are the real local tyrants. A basin is full of oil, and a drop of water is not released. Which is still boiled fish?! After moving, by chance, I found a small shop not far from the downstairs. The facade is not big. It makes authentic Sichuan cuisine. It tastes very good and completely conquers my taste buds. When a friend who likes spicy food comes, I will take him to this shop. One dish I will order is boiled fish. After getting acquainted with the boss, I also sneaked into their kitchen to get some sutras. I have nothing to do recently. I tried to do it myself at home and made a little improvement. I am not a local tyrant. I 'd better boil it in some water. I don't have to say the taste.

1, material: grass carp, soybean sprouts

seasoning: egg white, ginger, garlic, Pixian bean paste, some chili, proper amount of pepper, salt, starch, cooking wine.

2. Remove gills and viscera of grass carp.

3. Cut off the head and tail for use, and slice the fish into two pieces along the middle fishbone.

4. Face down the fish skin, cut off the large spines of the fish body with an oblique knife, and then cut into thin and moderately thick fish fillets.

5. Face down the fish skin, cut off the large spines of the fish body with an oblique knife, and then cut into thin and moderately thick fish fillets.

6, slice ginger and garlic, and break dried chili into small pieces.

7. Pour an egg white into the fish fillets, add salt, cooking wine and starch, and marinate for 20 minutes.

8, soybean sprouts pinch the root, wash, cook in clear water with a little salt, take out, and lay on the bottom of the container for boiled fish.

9. Place the pan on the fire and pour in the oil. Fry the pepper slowly for about 2 minutes. Pour in the dried chili and bean paste to fry the fragrance and red oil.

10. When the chili changes color, take out half of the pepper and chili for later use. Pour garlic slices and ginger into the pan and stir-fry to produce fragrance.

11, pour fish head, tail and fish bone and stir well.

12. Add a proper amount of hot water and pass the fish.

13. After the water boils, put the fish fillets into the pot one by one and stir them gently with chopsticks.

14, cook until the fish fillets change color until cooked, about 1~2 minutes.

15. Pour the fish fillets and fish soup in the pan into a bowl with bean sprouts.

16. Spread the prickly ash and chili in a bowl and pour in hot oil.


1. Fish must be alive, fresh

2. Vegetables can be added according to one's hobbies: cucumber, lettuce, radish, personal love

3. There seems to be nothing else. Just eat it. It's better to have some wine, Bashi!