[Original] Miscellaneous Thoughts of Noble Sons from a Cold Door-Lai Zhaoxi (Research and Development Department)



I don't know if it is too immature, and I am not very willing to believe what he said is cruel and realistic. Parents all over the world want to give their best to their children. Even if they are not as good as others sometimes, they are also the limit. It is good to have a better starting point, but if not, we should be grateful. Envy belongs to envy, but one cannot envy and hate, which only increases one's troubles. No one can ask Yan Da to reincarnate himself again. Maybe it can, but it will also forget the memory of this life and all the grudges and enmities now, but there is no guarantee that one can get a rich father (PS: michel platini does not count!!) As Liu Yuanyuan said: "Everyone's life is different. Some people are born with a golden key, and some people are born without parents. Life is not comparable to life. How our life is, It depends on your own feelings. You have been complaining all your life, then your life is a life of complaining, and you have been moved all your life, then your life is a moving life, and your life is inspiring to change this society, then your life is the life of a fighter."

Complaining's life is full of grievances, hurting others and hurting oneself. It is impossible to choose one's own origin, one can choose one's own life, and be yourself. Gold will always shine. Take a step back. Confucius said: Do not do to others what you do not want to do to others. If you can't let the next generation become the rich second generation, you don't have to complain about the rich N generation. It's meaningless. Hard-working people, the day does not bear, hardships, more than three thousand armour can swallow Wu. Roll together ~ not yet expensive dolls ~~ O(∩_∩)O