[Original] Stake by Ideas-Lei Guihua (Administrative Department)



I have always been a anxious person. This habit was formed when I was about five years old. According to the strict rules, we must reach the age of 8 before we can go to first grade. The more remote the place, the more "policy" is implemented "seriously", because there are two types of people who do not understand "rights", one is below and the other is above. In view of such an embarrassing rule, my helpless and anxious father had to quietly move the date of birth forward for 12 months when he helped me fill in my household registration. Later, I also agreed with my father's decision, not to read books, but to let this face claim this age.

Of course, what happened at the age of five was just a small episode in which the concept of "worry" was instilled. When you wake up, you will find that music with the same style as that episode is constantly playing on the long road of life. So later, those words often rang in my ears: "You need to spend more time studying every day, or how can you go to college", "Find a reliable job early, or how can you afford a family later", "Start a family early, you see how old your children are"...

is related to these so-called concepts, I learned not to resist, nor bear. However, it was later discovered that "no resistance, no tolerance" is not a good way of communication. It is probably because "everything in the world should have a reason when it comes and a fruit when it goes". Therefore, for the "speaker", what is said has a reason. For the listener, acceptance is a way. If you don't accept it and don't want to resist it, then the words expressed by the speaker will float in the air and cannot fall to the ground. An energy that has been generated cannot disappear. There must be some problems.