[Original] Autumn Language-Lin Huizhen (Quality Department)



[Original] Autumn Language-Lin Huizhen (Quality Department)

Autumn is so quiet, like a war in advance, the fallen leaves on the ground are her trophies. Autumn wind with leaf dance, fallen leaves return to their roots and know autumn. The wicker by the pond of the pharmaceutical factory shows off its dancing posture under the touch of the soft wind, showing its best. Can't help but reach out to touch it, brake time feeling the tenacity of life, in the autumn of yellow leaves piled up all over the ground, the wicker of delicate grass is so green! Too hard in life sometimes makes us lose things we shouldn't lose, and flexible life sometimes makes us get unexpected things.

On the path to work, the small flowers beside the steps caught my attention. The pale purple stained with crystal drops of water looks very comfortable! Some head up, some lazy lying on the ground, that kind of feeling, natural, elegant! After a night of rain baptism, the red flowers on the other side of the path are still fighting for beauty and beauty, blooming fiery red, with straight branches, showing unique charm, proud, awe-inspiring, resolute...

Life is like grass, vulnerable when it is fragile, and can still flourish when it is tenacious. It is often seen that there are always such plants at the corner of the wall, always spreading upward, giving yourself a direction, giving yourself a belief, even if the road ahead is full of hardships, I have not given up, and I am still persisting! The years are gently peeling off the wall, leaving behind the green crisp of the moss in the corner and the memories that cannot be erased.

autumn rain comes, it is getting cold, in late autumn, sporadic raindrops falling on your arms will make you feel a little cool, the feeling of rain is not absolutely like, or is it completely disgusted: when you are in a good mood, you like the bold and uninhibited rain, your thoughts follow the rain, it is so glittering and clear, washing the world of vanity; When you are depressed, see the rain is always wet feeling, even the thought is moist. Rainy days often remind people of scattered fragments in the depths of memory, and many of those fragments are stories woven against the background of rain.