[Original] Feelings on Logistics Work-Yuan Liyun (Administrative Division)



"Soldiers and horses do not move, food and fodder first", without effective logistical work to ensure that other work cannot be carried out smoothly, or even completed. The good or bad of logistics service will directly affect the working mood of employees, the image of the unit, and then affect the work efficiency. However, logistics service is not as regular and easy to follow as other business work. It is a flexible, random and non-fixed work.

1. Correct Service Attitude

First of all, the staff should fully realize that logistics service is an indispensable part of the overall work of the unit and the guarantee for the development of the whole cause. Secondly, we must eliminate the idea of "inferior" in logistics service work, and realize that there is only a different division of labor, and there is no distinction between high and low, otherwise it will affect the quality of work. Adhere to the principle of doing everything for the interests of the company, firmly establish the idea of "no small matter in the interests of the masses", change from passive service to active service, and enhance the awareness of the masses, the sense of responsibility and the overall situation. In the work always use a rigorous attitude to treat their own career, to concentrate on their own work, to be serious and responsible.

2. service should be meticulous and comprehensive

In the work, we must grasp the word "fine" and keep the food and lodging of the staff in mind. Only when the work is well considered and detailed can the logistics work be recognized by the company and the staff. Diligent thinking and good at summing up experience are the basis for logistics service work. Only by constantly summing up previous experience can we find out the shortcomings in the work, draw lessons and re-establish new work objectives. Logistics service work must overcome the negative work attitude of "more is worse than less". Don't be afraid that if you do more things, there will be more problems, which will make the masses not understand and make themselves wronged. In our work practice, we realize that in order to make the logistics work detailed, in addition to the strong dedication and sense of responsibility of the logistics staff, there must also be corresponding systems or measures as a guarantee.

3. to strengthen honesty and self-discipline

Logistics work often deals with money and goods, so it is necessary to strengthen the construction of a clean government, in thinking and in action, we should firmly build a "dyke" to resist corruption and prevent degeneration ". Closely integrate self-values with the development of the company, truly establish the values and spiritual pursuit of indifference to fame and gain, love and dedication, abandon personal interests, and establish the idea of serving the company and all employees wholeheartedly. In logistics work, I have always adhered to the principle of fairness. In my work, I strive to treat people equally and handle affairs impartially. I treat the service objects equally regardless of their relatives or positions. I try my best to respect the habit of treating employees fairly. As I adhere to the principle of fairness, the employees of the company have fully recognized and supported my work.

4. study hard

In today's era of knowledge economy, it is not enough to "do things in a down-to-earth manner" alone, but to "study earnestly", otherwise it will be eliminated by the times.

Logistics service is a very complicated and hard work. It is the "facade" and "window" of a unit, and it is also an indispensable work for the development of a unit. Every logistics service personnel should correct their thinking, work hard, and make our due contribution to the further development of our company.