[Original] How did I learn to ride an electric car-Zhan Xiaoping (Marketing Department)



September 07, 2013

I can't ride a bicycle... and I can't ride an electric car...

I went to school from childhood to adulthood and walked, so I never took these to heart.

Suddenly one day, this seems like a basic skill, and it seems a little awkward not to learn it.

I don't want to be a clumsy girl, so I took my brother-in-law's key on the table and went to the garage.

I know that the first step is to remove the brake of the rear wheel of the electric car. The principle is similar to that of a bicycle. But no matter how much I tried to lift the back seat with both hands and push the brakes away with the help of my right foot at the same time, the brakes remained firmly in their posts. In the middle, I once doubted whether I didn't use enough strength, so it didn't move. I even added 70% of the force in the later attempt. Yes, I used all my strength and never moved the brake. At this point, whoever comes into the garage will suspect me of being a car thief. Let me turn left, look right, and even squat down around the electric car, because it took 28 minutes to brake. Learning electric car is really difficult!!!

Oh, forget it. I thought like this and was ready to back down: "when my brother-in-law comes back tomorrow, ask him how to turn on the brake."

was about to go upstairs when a Chinese teacher next door came back. I carefully thought about it. Anyway, he didn't know who I was. Even if he had the cheek to ask him how to turn on the brake, he wouldn't recognize me next time, so he wouldn't turn on the brake of the electric car. This is not a shameful thing. So I asked, naturally he recognized his brother-in-law's car, and then he asked me in detail where my home was, which school the university was in, and what major he studied, and then he told me that there was a thin iron bar next to the brake. Break the iron bar back before you can remove the brake.

The retreat was not completed, so I then used the key to open the keyhole of the front of the car to turn on the power, and the indicator light was on. Then turn the handle, but the electric car still motionless... Of course, I did not lose heart, and squat down to check carefully, there are no other places to open the keyhole... Yes, I spent another 30 minutes, a total of 4 keyholes, I opened all again, but the electric car still can not move.

Two I started the debate contest again... Forget it... It's so difficult to learn electric cars, what's more, you spent an hour without knowing how to start electric cars, it must be more difficult to learn; Go back to rest, you can take the bus to the place you want to go, still green travel... Why do you have to learn what electric cars...

Oh, I am a deserter. After returning home despondently, I turned on the water heater to take a bath, but as soon as I saw the mobile phone on the table in the living room, I called my brother-in-law instinctively and told him everything. After hearing this, brother-in-law laughed and said that there is still a lock on the rear wheel of the electric car. You have to open it before the rear wheel will move. You can try to dial the rear wheel first. If the rear wheel moves, it means it is open. So I excitedly ran to the garage again. It took me 5 minutes, but I still couldn't find the lock. At this time, the Chinese doctor and his wife went to the garage again and saw me stunned: "I haven't turned on the electric car yet." I nodded awkwardly, thinking that it took me an hour and a half to start an electric car, and I was ashamed.

Dr.'s wife came over and looked at it, pointed to a cylindrical hole protruding from the rear wheel and said: Is this a lock.

Yes, I finally opened all the locks on the electric car. I don't know whether to be excited or ashamed.

is difficult at first. This is the description of the situation.

Naturally, there is no reason to go back upstairs and take a bath without doing anything. So he crustily skin of head to sit on the electric car, just began to practice with his feet propped up. After the feet can smoothly circle around the dormitory building, I began to try to put my feet on the pedals of the electric car to practice. After the practice of putting your feet on the pedals was successfully completed, I tried to use my feet to step on the pedals on both sides of the electric vehicle. This is not very skilled, because as soon as I step on the pedals, the electric vehicle starts to accelerate. As far as I have never ridden a bicycle, I am not very skilled in controlling my feet to step on the pedals. After one or two laps of practice, it was already nine o'clock, so I encouraged myself to say: I have done a good job, at least the next time I open all the locks and brakes of the electric car, it will take a minute, not an hour and a half. At least your feet can already be naturally placed on the pedals to drive on flat ground.

When going uphill on September 13, 2013

... It was terrible!

When going downhill, it's so steep... so scary!

So I didn't dare to go to the slope to practice electric cars...

When I was walking in the evening, I pretended to be calm and went to walk all the slopes in the school road. Every step I took, I told myself: er, you see, the slope is not steep at all. Your steps before and after are not steep at all. In this way, after many times of self-suggestion, I went back to the garage and rode the electric car out without thinking about whether I would be afraid. There was only a strong idea of "I want to learn to go downhill"... That's it... Holding the brake downhill and then uphill, then downhill and then uphill... Suddenly moved by myself.