[Original] Father-Chen Youyi (Quality Control Department)



He squatted silently at the entrance of the alley, with bags of rain flower stones spread out in front of him.

alley backlight, now the sun is westward, it looks a little dim. His wrinkled face was gloomy, and his eyes gave off an indifferent light when they occasionally looked at passers-. She happened to pass by here with her picture folder on her back and her eyes stopped on his face. She took a sip of her lips and said softly, "Uncle, I want to draw a picture for you."

"Portrait?" He stared and rolled his eyes sly, "OK! But I need to buy some bags of flower and rain stones."

"Mmm." She should.

"One dollar per bag, buy 10 bags."

She frowned, took out 10 dollars and handed it to him.

He sat down against a dead old locust tree. She opened the folder and gazed at him with quiet, gentle eyes, as if trying to find something in his indifferent eyes. He was a little uncomfortable to be seen by her, and looked blankly into the distance. In the distance, the sky is blue, and there are a few white clouds floating carelessly. He suddenly remembered his wife, who had died young, and his single son, whom he had forgotten after starting a family, and his heart was filled with sorrow. It's like painting. He came over and then handed her 10 bags of Hua Yu Shi. She shook her head, asked only his address and name, and left.

Half a year later, he received a letter from the Academy of Fine Arts. Open a look, there is only a ticket to visit the art exhibition. He thought of her, hesitated for a long time, and decided to take a look.

In the exhibition hall, there are many people around a painting. He was also curious and walked over. On the screen is an old man, sitting under a dead old locust tree to rest. The old man's disheveled hair was gray, and the eyes sunken in his eyes, at first glance, were very gray, and when he looked carefully, there was a cold light hidden inside. He suddenly realized that the old man in the painting was not himself. Suddenly, his heart sank down and his blood gushed up. He rubbed his eyes hard, lest he should look at them, but he clearly saw that there were two words written beside the picture: father. "Father!" He labored with his mouth. This familiar and unfamiliar name sounds too far away, as far away as if you have already extinguished all your beautiful feelings for the world. He bowed his head in pain, muddy old tears dripping on the shiny floor...

A few days later, she suddenly received a 10-dollar money order from the Academy of Fine Arts, signed by the remitter: Father. She gazed for a long time at the words of the two holy gods...