[Original] Mo Shang Sang-Adapted from Han Yuefu of the same name-Zhou Xiandong (Technology Center)



Early in the morning, the whole world is clear. The sun rising from the southeast shone with a gentle golden light, and layers of waves shone on the river. The wind blows the willow leaves on the shore, and there is a balcony behind the willow leaves. A white dove cut through the quiet sky and flew to the terrace, chasing the trace of the white dove, slowly seeing the two characters "Qin" written on the forehead plaque of the terrace.

A beautiful young woman came out of Qin's terrace. Her family name was Luo Fu. Luo Fu was good at raising silkworms and planting mulberry. She often went to the south corner of the city to collect mulberry leaves. Today, Luo Fu is going to the south corner of the city to pick mulberry leaves. She is wearing a long white dress, with a faint rouge on her face and bright moon beads on her ears. There is a long street to the south corner of the city. The shops on both sides of the street have opened early. The voices of all kinds of men and women seem to be a little noisy. When Luo Fu walked gracefully through the street with a basket with a green ribbon in his hand, the whole audience was silent, and all the women ran and hid, lest the men next to them compare themselves with Luo Fu, leaving only a graceful figure and a group of "crazy men" who were "captivated" in the whole street ". When Luo Fu's figure faded away, the street became a static picture. The butchers in the shops on the street were holding a knife to cut half of the meat and staring at it with their eyes straight. The child with half a steamed stuffed bun in his mouth looked dumbfounded. The young man reciting poems and poems tilted his neck and his saliva soaked the books....... Until Luo Fu's figure disappeared at the end of the street, the butchers cut off their fingers and cried loudly. Half of the steamed stuffed bun in the child's mouth fell to the ground and was taken away by the dog and cried loudly. However, the young man reciting poems and poems could not break his neck and cry out. The women also ran out, maliciously scolding their men. The long streets are noisy again.

to the south corner of the city, in addition to a long street, but also through a field path, the field beside the path scattered with a few great farmers uncle working, they sing songs, shouting, don't have a rural scenery. Luo Fu came to the field path, lifted his long skirt and moved slowly. Suddenly, several great farmers' uncles instantly turned into scarecrows. As birds pecked on their muddy faces, the singing disappeared like the sound stopped.

After Luo Fu walked the field path, a bridge appeared in front of him. A "black shadow" stood on the side of the bridge, which seemed to be the same as the legendary killer. Luo Fu stopped and grabbed the basket in his left hand with his right hand. I saw the "black shadow" on the bridge vomited a few saliva on his hands, rubbed a few times, combed his hair brightly with the saliva in his hands, and then took out a bundle of wild chrysanthemum flowers just picked by the roadside from his arms, facing Luo Fu with a silly smile on his face. When Luo Fu saw this situation, he thought he was a big fool and thought he was going to rob her. Luo Fu thought it was important to pick mulberry leaves, so he skipped the "black shadow" on the bridge ".

The cry of horses in response came from a distance. Under the billowing dust was a five-horse drawn carriage. The carriage passed Luo Fu, but it lingered. Are these handsome horses also moved by Luo Fu's beauty. I saw an old man coming out of the carriage, saying with a sissy, "Whose sister is this beautiful young girl under the carriage?". Luo Fu replied, "Qin's good woman, named herself Luo Fu."

"What is the age of Luo Fu?"

"Twenty is not enough, but fifteen is quite more."

The old man on the carriage shook the dust in his hand and said, "The car is the prefect from the south. Today, he was ordered to come to Beijing with our family. When he passed by here, he met a girl. It was fate. I don't know if the girl would like to share the bus with the prefect."

The old man's voice just fell, and before Luo Fu could speak, a "black shadow" jumped out of nowhere and said, "Let go of the girl I have a crush on and let me destroy you, the old monster." Yes, this "black shadow" is exactly the black shadow Luo Fu saw on the bridge. Before Luo Fu could think clearly about the "dark shadow" on the bridge, the black shadow was already at war with the old man. As the saying goes, the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves ahead. Unexpectedly, the young and handsome "black shadow" was beaten down by the old man's child skill within a few times. After defeating the "black shadow", the old man obviously had the advantage and said to Luo Fu, "girl, if you know the truth, you 'd better bow down obediently." Luo Fu stepped forward and said to the prefect hidden in the car: "The prefect you have three wives and four concubines, and I also have my own husband..." Before Luo Fu finished speaking, the beaten "black shadow" suddenly stood up and said in horror: "What, Luo Fu, you have a husband, then what am I, impossible, Luo Fu small sample, you deceive people......".

"Girls don't deceive people. My husband is an official in the east and has a large number of people to follow. He became a small official in the prefect's mansion at the age of 15, a doctor in the court at the age of 20, a servant in charge at the age of 30, and an officer in charge of a city at the age of 40......." Luo Fu said.

"Don't say it again. You are only in your early 15 s, but your husband is in his 40 s. I am only 20 years old this year. Yushu is in the wind. I am your prince charming. You should choose me." "Shadow" said unwillingly.

"No, I love my husband not because of his wealth, but because of his talent for learning, and my husband really loves me, and he often doesn't forget to send me flying pigeons to express his infinite thoughts for me. No one can stop my faithful love for my husband." Luo Fu refused to "shadow" said.

I saw "Black Shadow" listening to Luo Fu's unfeeling to himself. He was extremely painful and sighed to the sky. The goddess of poor diaosi was fucking someone else's wife. "Black Shadow" said "Wow", vomited a mouthful of blood, suffered cardiac arrest and slept forever.

At this moment, the prefect hidden in the carriage coughed a few times and came out. He saw the prefect's fat head, big ears and bulging belly. In Luo Fu's eyes, he really looked like an old pig. The old man, who was a sissy, made a waist at the prefectural guard and said, "prefectural guard Zhu". Zhu Taishou also replied to the old man: "Gou father-in-law". Zhu Taishou stood on the carriage and said to Luo Fu condescendingly, "Little sister, dear, have you seen my five horses? They are all BMWs. As long as you follow me, I promise to build you a top-class mansion with everything in it......". Before Zhu Taishou's "grand blueprint" was finished, Luo Fu refused Zhu Taishou's good will. Zhu Taishou was furious, his face turned to be livid, but then he changed his tone and said, "Little sister, don't be silly. Pies are not always available every year. Besides, your husband is far away in the east, and you two are separated from each other. Have you ever been lonely?" Zhu Taishou finished, showing a very lewd smile that was hard to be noticed.

Luo Fu vomited phlegm and scolded: "Bah, you old goat."

"Zhu Taishou, don't talk nonsense with this bitch. We can't be soft. We'll be hard." Gou father-in-law urged.

"Well, father-in-law Gou, it makes sense. We Zhu Gou will capture this young woman." When Zhu Taishou finished speaking, he and Gou Gonggong jumped to Luo Fu. Zhu Taishou made the dragon claw hand, and Gou Gonggong still made his most proud child work. Under the swift and violent offensive of the two great masters, at the moment, is it really Luo Fu's doom. At this critical moment, Luo Fu lifted the lid of the basket in his hand and saw that the basket was filled with green mulberry leaves, on which there were three large white silkworms. Luo Fu's mouth read: "Mo-on-Sang". At the moment, the three big white silkworms in the basket spit out a large amount of "inextricably linked" silk, which sprayed Zhu Taishou and Gou Gonggong who came to Luo Fu like a "net of heaven and earth". They wrapped Zhu Gou tightly and could not move.

After subduing Zhu Taishou and Gou Eunuch, Luo Fu covered the basket in his hand and said, "The lovely three big silkworms have consumed so much silk from you. They must be hungry. We have gone to pick mulberry leaves."

The beautiful singing voice of Luo Fu is woven in the sky.