[Original] What Haidilao Culture Seen and Think-Wu Min (Sales Department)



Due to the particularly good business, it is not new to wait in line for two or three hours to eat in Haidilao. Judging from the on-site situation of the spacious dining waiting area, there is no customer complaining about the long waiting. Instead, everyone is leisurely enjoying all kinds of waiting services: free snacks, fruits, tea, free massage, leather shoes, nail art, happy shooting, children's playground, in addition, the waiter will also provide playing cards for groups of diners to pass the time... When you sit down to eat, the first impression is not the food, but his service, which really warms the hearts of the people. Facing each different customer, the smiling waiter provides differentiated services for everyone: before you sit down, you prepare an apron for each diner; during the dinner, you see the customer wearing glasses and send them glasses immediately; with a mobile phone, timely to the customer's mobile phone set on a plastic bag; for the hair lady to provide small hairpins and rubber bands; on the bathroom have a special waiter for you to hand over a small towel sassafras; dining towel 15 minutes a change; from time to time for customers to perform noodles and other unique... In the store inside the morale of the smiling face and the busy figure of the waiters everywhere, everything seems busy but in order, the most valuable, the enthusiasm of the waiter does not make people feel false or deliberately befriended, everything is so natural.

Why are the waiters in Haidilao so dedicated that they can actually make customers experience the feeling of God? To be honest, their education is not high, but it is this group of young too simple "rabble", but with their practical actions to interpret the true meaning of service, the essence of marketing and the bottom of the enterprise. With this question in mind, I tried to find out from the younger brother of the waiter. I learned that repeated training of service standards is a compulsory course for them to take up their posts. Serving every customer attentively, with customers first and employees second is their slogan. The salary of Haidilao employees is not very high, but the company's employee incentives are very good, such as letting foreign employees live in collective apartments with good environment. The relationship between employees is harmonious and help each other and care for each other; the company also sends solatium to employees' parents every month. To maximize the authorization of ordinary employees, let employees decide whether to give customers discounts or free gifts, etc.

A careful analysis of its employee management model can still find some mysteries. Details determine success or failure. An enterprise with service culture as its core value has always stood firm after 20 years of market wind and rain. Its performance should be attributed to its good human resource management or internal marketing. Employees are respected first, and the happiness index rises, which in turn triggers positive work enthusiasm, serve customers from the heart, let work standards and norms become behavior habits, and ultimately achieve the purpose of occupying the market. Although the reason of

is simple, it is not easy to imitate and copy it. Compared with the department of the enterprise, like Haidilao, the service object of our sales is also the customer, and the driving body of the service is the business personnel. How to stimulate the enthusiasm of the business personnel, make everyone work happily, and help improve their service efficiency and work standards is what we should focus on thinking and research. In any organization, there is something invisible but felt everywhere. It can be a positive atmosphere, philosophy, culture or belief. Once this kind of cohesion is established, it will definitely make the three parties that may have been contradictory, such as the boss, the superior leader and the ordinary employees, become a community of interests. And then it can be reflected and sublimated to organizational behavior and individual service behavior. It can be seen that building a family team has become the top priority. Establishing the common values of "working together in the same boat and growing together" within the team, advocating teamwork and a responsible working atmosphere are important guarantees for doing a good job in customer service. And these, you can through the usual some useful cultural and sports activities, enhance the feelings between employees, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force. What's more, such as: always keep smiling, carry out differentiated marketing for different types of customers, give different policy support, treat customers' complaints kindly, actively coordinate and deal with customers' demands, not afraid to say sorry, and not make excuses for their own mistakes, don't shirk responsibility to other departments, follow up the problem until it is solved, don't lower the service standard due to the size of the customer, regular customer care and appreciation, always put down the phone later than the customer, visit on the spot or communicate with the customer by phone, carry a notebook to make records to show respect, etc. these details can not be ignored. To sum up, only by making the details to the extreme, training the details into habits, fully trusting and mobilizing the enthusiasm of every business person, stimulating their sense of ownership, and making everyone a manager, can the organizational improvement of the department be supported by the wisdom of more front-line employees, so as to maximize the management efficiency.