[Original] Group Morning Exercises-Wu Xiaoting (Sales Department)



Once, I accompanied my mother to Minjiang Park for a walk.

saw the aunts divided into several piles, the most dazzling national style, the Bible, Jiamusi. They are happy to jump and jump and turn and turn with the radio. I stand in the square, there are many people and many voices, but there is no radio playing: first quarter, stretching exercise.

I, like all members of the socialist family, grew up in the embrace of the collective. When I was in primary school, the children went to the lump sum area to clean up and did morning exercises together. In middle school, the students went to morning self-study together and did morning exercises together. In college, everyone joined the May Fourth Youth Chorus and did morning exercises together.

Since the summer of the previous few years, I have no more group morning exercises to do.

Graduation makes everyone go their separate ways, and every city has a reason to let people stay. One person lives to replace the dormitory, and three friends KTV replaces the May 4th Youth Chorus. Three years later, time has helped you filter out some unimportant people, leaving behind what should be cherished. You can do what you want with your close friends, and no longer have to be prescribed all day long. Isn't this a dream for a person who loves freedom?

Sadly, everything is dialectical.

The "mandatory interaction" in collective life forces you to face others when you want to be alone, while the life of a ghost makes you have to pick up your cell phone, scan down your name one by one, and say to yourself: is this person free? Will she be annoyed? Even if we are free, we won't be bored, but in fact we seem to have nothing to say? Which is like our collective family, no matter what, all muddleheaded together, casually is the size of a small team.

Dialectics is really nerve-racking.

I am almost thirty years old, but sometimes, I hope someone will suddenly knock on my door and shout: Get up, get up, do morning exercises! Then I got up with swearing and sleepy eyes, went to brush my teeth and wash my face. I met the eldest brother and the second brother in the corridor, the third brother and the fourth brother in the water room, and went back to the dormitory to see the fifth brother dressed up. Then under the sunrise, mixed in the dark crowd, I stretched my arms and kicked my legs, from stretching to finishing.