[Original] Yuan-Chen Shuhua (Quality Control Department)



saw such a news on the Internet. A netizen said that he had found an iPhone and wanted to return it to the owner, but he received a text message from the owner informing him of the password. He also said, "The loss of the mobile phone is the end of fate. Please be kind to it and I will buy a 6". Of course, I just appreciate the magnanimity of the owner and do not advocate how everyone does it.

Fate is explained as karma and chance in Cihai, and points out that "Yuan" is Sanskrit and the classic explanation is "cause". It is often called "karma" together with "cause". The old saying often refers to love, with the development of the times, now can also be used for family, friendship and general social activities.

people think that fate is fate, meeting is fate, owning is fate, cherishing is fate, the unity of the three is called "fate". Meeting and can not have, is to miss the fate; have but do not cherish, is blasphemy fate. There are many predestined friends in one's life, but most of them are just predestined friends and are one of the passers-. "Fate" comes from providence. It allows people to meet at a specific time and place, colliding with various sparks, adding a touch of color to the pale memories. Perhaps, in a quiet night, you will think of him, or male, or female, or old, or less, you smile or frown. "Part" comes from individuals, it needs your time and your efforts. It makes two people from strangers into colleagues, friends, lovers, relatives. If you do not cherish, it will return to the original state. When you find the figure of the edge and don't want to lose it, please cherish it, it won't stop waiting for you to approach.

heard such a saying, "fate is fate, fate is fate". People cannot change their blood relationship, and the deep-rooted things in their bones are the most difficult to change. Even if the acquired influence will give people some changes, and when people make major decisions, people's innate feelings will influence their thoughts. This may be the original meaning of fate. Especially in emotional matters, it is inevitable that people are trapped by love, and it may be between one's thoughts. After all, this is the mutual running-in of the two personalities. The Goddess has a heart and the king has no intention. The fate is as invisible as the wind and uncertain. And because fate is like wind, coming is also fate, and going is also fate. What you get is one kind of edge, what you don't get is not necessarily another kind of edge. Fate is not natural, nor is it immutable, fate is based on their own behavior, will change at any time. That is to say, "Do not do any evil, and all good will follow, and the fate of evil will turn to good, and if there is no chance, there will be fate; if there is no evil, the good will not work, and the good will turn to evil, and the good will turn to evil. Both good and evil will be done by themselves!"

Meeting is fate, maybe you missed it, or you held it, please cherish it.