[Original] Get rid of dependence-Chen Huiying (Quality Control Department)



Whenever I go home and have nothing to do, I always unconsciously go through the old textbooks, and every time I get something that I can't get, this time is no exception.

This time I opened the Chinese textbook for primary schools, and one of the articles was thought-provoking. When I read this article in primary school, I didn't feel much, but now I am lost in thought. It is about a tree planter who always waters the saplings at regular intervals after planting them. The time and amount of watering are uncertain. Every time he comes, he always brings new saplings to replace the withered trees. After a long time, some people expressed their incomprehension. He explained: "The life cycle of a tree is very long. If you want to plant a hundred-year-old tree, you must let the tree learn to find water in the soil to supplement the nutrients it needs. The amount of water is different each time, so that the saplings can find water from the soil under uncertain conditions and try to take root downward. And if I water on time, the saplings will depend on my water, and the roots will not be very deep. Once I stop watering, the saplings will naturally wither. Even if there are surviving saplings, they cannot withstand the storm."

I believe the words of the tree planter resonated with many people. This is the way trees live, and so is the way humans live. Only those who grow up under uncertain conditions can stand the test more. However, now we are like flowers in a greenhouse, protected by our parents, who provide us with the "nutrients" we need ". We never make an effort to get nutrients, we depend on our parents and the environment they provide us. But if one day, our parents are old and unable to hold up another day for us, what should we do? The future life is full of uncertainty. Parents no longer have the ability to protect us comprehensively. We can only get rid of our dependence on our parents and others. In this uncertainty, we should strive to cultivate our independence, cultivate our ability to overcome difficulties, learn to use the least nutrients into infinite energy, and strive to survive.

Only from now on, can we get rid of dependence and lay a good foundation, can we grow up in an uncertain environment and withstand the baptism of storms.