[Original] Talking about How to Improve Staff's Safety Awareness-(Administrative Division)



The so-called safety awareness is the concept of safety established in people's minds. It is the reflection of the human brain on the safety concept in life, production and other activities. It is also a kind of alert and alert psychological state of various external environmental conditions that may cause harm to oneself or others in production and life. It has initiative and can guide people's actions. We often say that consciousness determines success or failure refers to the subjective initiative of consciousness; safety refers to no threat, no danger, harm and loss. Security awareness is essentially a sense of security, is not threatened, there is no danger, harm and loss to guide our actions, with a sense of security in order to have a safe behavior. For our pharmaceutical companies, all employees have safety awareness to ensure the safety of production, and the safety awareness of all employees is improved, and our safe production can be orderly and controllable. In our safety management, how to improve the safety awareness of employees, so that all employees have the subjective initiative of safe production, it becomes particularly important.

The safety awareness of employees has a process of rising from perceptual cognition to rational cognition and then forming a conscious behavior standard, that is, the process of changing from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe. The so-called perceptual cognition is an intensive understanding of safety awareness. Through hazard identification, a system of measures to ensure safe production is established. The behavior of employees is forcibly restricted through systems, safety disclosure, pre-shift safety speech, in-shift inspection and violation punishment, thus realizing employees' perceptual cognition of safety rules. Rational understanding is to make employees form safety awareness and understand the importance of safety production through the analysis of accident cases and the identification and control of hazard sources in each operation link, so as to gradually realize the understanding of safety rules and consciously implement various rules and regulations of safety production. Furthermore, it is to give full play to the subjective initiative of all employees, supervise each other in the production process, jointly investigate and deal with potential safety hazards, consciously resist violations, and consciously abide by operating procedures, so that safety awareness will be gradually improved.

How to improve the safety awareness of employees, I think we should do the following aspects:

1. must pay attention to regular safety education. Safety education is the most important link. Only through the training and education of safety production can the transformation from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe" be realized. Safety education should start with "three no harm", the connotation of which is to protect yourself first, but to diversify the content and form of education in order to be accepted by all employees. Contents of (I) safety education: 1. Learn laws and regulations on production safety. The current safety production has been elevated to the height of the law. Violation of safety production laws and regulations, rules and operating procedures is an illegal act. Through the study of laws and regulations, all employees should understand the rights and obligations that must be fulfilled by the law, fully realize the importance of the party and the country to safety, and strengthen the perception of safety awareness of all employees. 2. Learn the management system of safe production and relevant safety knowledge. All employees must understand that these management systems and safety knowledge are exchanged for countless lives and blood and huge property losses. In our work, we can only prevent safety accidents by abiding by regulations and strictly implementing operating procedures. Through this aspect of learning and education, so that the safety awareness of employees from the rational gradually formed. 3, according to the characteristics of the production process, targeted to each process of hazard notification and control measures to learn. Because our employees have a rational understanding of the various jobs they are engaged in, it is easier to learn to be accepted by employees. Through the hazard source notification and control measures learning of each process, employees can have a clearer understanding and understanding of the various risks of their work and how to control these risks, and their safety awareness will be further deepened and consolidated. 4, combined with the well-known safety production accident case analysis, analysis of the cause and process of the accident, combined with their own actual situation, how to prevent, so as to draw inferences, draw lessons from them, prevent similar accidents from happening in their own posts, so as to strengthen the purpose of safety awareness. Forms of (II) safety education: 1. Centralized education: new employees entering the factory, starting new projects, transferring employees, returning to work after the festival, etc. must take centralized training and pass the examination before taking up their posts. 2. Publicity and education: create a strong atmosphere of safe production through warning slogans, safety manuals, safety messages for relatives, on-site meetings, photo exhibitions, prize-winning knowledge questions and answers, etc. 3. Emotional education: All employees are required to keep in mind the entrustment of their relatives and friends, know that the heart of their parents is hard to violate, and the grief of losing their loved ones is unbearable, so that employees can clearly understand the relationship between their own safety, health and family happiness, so as to stimulate employees' attention The enthusiasm for safety, so as to consciously abide by the rules and disciplines. 4. Pre-shift safety speech is an education system that must be adhered to. Through pre-shift safety speech, employees can know how to control the unsafe factors in the work of the day, so as to standardize the work behavior of employees.

2. improve the safety awareness of employees, all employees must be required to always think about safety, pay attention to safety everywhere, and often do not forget safety. Only by overcoming the false safety thought of "saying it is important, doing it is secondary, and not being busy" in safety work, can all employees truly understand the true meaning of "safety in my heart and safety in my hands. Understand this meaning, the safety awareness of employees is consciously formed.

Ideological and political work must be strengthened in 3. to improve the safety awareness of employees. We cannot rely solely on persuasion and education, nor can we rely solely on administrative means to impose fines. We should not only have publicity and education to guide, but also have administrative punishment means to assist, both of which are indispensable. Only in this way can we continuously improve the safety awareness of employees.

4. to improve the safety awareness of employees must have a step-by-step process, is a long-term and arduous work. We must persevere and achieve safe production "every year, every month, every day, and all the time" to form a good safe production environment. If employees live in such a good environment, their safety awareness will be gradually deepened and improved. Form an indestructible line of defense for safe production. With the improvement of employees' safety awareness, people's unsafe behaviors will be further curbed. The implementation of measures and systems, the investigation and handling of potential safety hazards, and the resistance to "three violations" will become conscious behaviors. Only when our safety management work is orderly and controllable, can the safety production management work be further improved.