[Original] Xu My Monologue-You Xuemei (Finance Department)



A few words, accompanied by broken words. Scattered between memories of the time, allow me to monologue.

suddenly began to want to write a journal every year. My friend said that cooking words is medicine, and after a long time, he agreed. I just want to write my own thoughts, thoughts and thoughts. Peaceful essay as always.

The older a person gets, the more and more bleak he will be to those around him. Many people appeared and disappeared, as if sitting and watching the clouds rise and fall. There's really nothing to explain. Friend clutch, or sad, or cherish. What we can have in our hands, in the final analysis, is still a matter of a few people. There are also many sad times, such as the one you have not seen for many years, you have lost your initial persistence, the friendship that has been unswerving until death, and finally indifferent to the clamor of the world of mortals. It is not a very bad thing to never see again, because what remains in memory will not be smoothed by the cruel edges and corners of reality. If I see you, how can I greet you? With tears, or silence... Even so, I still love you who met me in the most beautiful time. Witnessing the growth, witnessing the joys and sorrows of those years, and supporting each other, makes my memories brilliant like flowers. The green plums wither and the bamboo horses grow old, which is really a cruel thing. Fortunately, we are not old. Thank U Anyway...