[Original] Life Feelings of Trapezoidal Characters-lin li (Research and Development Department)





Like the sea

makes people feel

Such a mind

Only your existence

My heart is full of love

Every time I think of it, I feel very happy

and I have the expectation of reunion in my heart

Your smiling face haunts my heart

Your life will not be difficult

Your world will have a bright future

This world is actually full of love

As long as you carefully and attentively understand that life will be wonderful

Life is such that you will inevitably encounter setbacks and failures.

Failure is actually not terrible. Everything can be started again.

Learn to enrich yourself and strive to create your own stage.

In other words, everything must be down-to-earth.

There will be no pie in the sky. This is really not

. Only in this way can we really belong to the new generation

in the 21st century.