[Original] Growth-Liu Huibin (Sales Department)



Everyone's growth story is full of joys and sorrows; everyone's growth story is worth remembering slowly. In

kindergarten, because candy was fighting with her friends, my mother said, "I have delicious food to share with the children, so the children will also share the delicious food with you, and I will be happy only if I know how to share with others." so my mother taught me how to share. When I was in primary school, my mother told me, "I can't laugh at others because of people's appearance. I should learn to help others and encourage others from small things." so my mother taught me how to respect and encourage each other. When I was in high school, the school was far away from home. My mother let me go to boarding school. I was not used to living alone when I was young. My mother said, "We will not give up if you live alone in school, but living in school can make you learn to be independent earlier and experience life better." So my mother taught me to be independent and strong.

When I was in college, my mother took me to school. On the way, my mother told me earnestly that when I got to school, I should learn to be patient in everything, to get along with my classmates, to learn to persist in doing things, and not to be as hot as before. When I came to my class, I was all students from various places. There were more or less differences when I got along. Military training and various activities of the class needed everyone's unity and mutual support. With the encouragement of the counselor, I accepted the class committee of the current class. In the following campus cultural activities, after every exercise, I understood that I would never know my ability without trying, although there will inevitably be failures and difficulties in the process, but stick to it will bring you different surprises.

If you don't stick to it, you will give up everywhere. If you don't insist on this moment, no matter where you go, there will always be a step back behind you, but a step back will not be broad, just hide in your own world, and that world will only get smaller and smaller. If you don't insist now, you will give up everywhere. This sentence should be kept in mind and always alert yourself.