[Original] What I think-Chen Han (R & D Department)



I want

to sit on the library building of Jiangnan ancient town

and watch carefully the double swallow leaning over the green willow light smoke

breeze provokes the low curtain

to see but not the standing sad beauty

I want

to gather at the water town fair lingbo Pavilion

Listening to Yue Opera Kunqu Opera's gentle lingering

drizzle hazy apricot flowers

unreal a few classical and sad feelings

I want

to cross the river and go north to Yi Shui Bian

to see Yan Dan Qing Jing Wu Yang

galloping on the north of the desert

westward and southward to the great city

autumn wind curling steed flowing

I want

to go back to the river and go to the white clouds

to see the yellow sand long green grass competing green

flying sky wandering on the stone wall

# Hu 67 female pipa rebound pipa pipa feelings

I am drunk, you can't see

since ancient times, men used their swords to come out of Yumen

only to carry immortals to get drunk by Huang River

I also looked at the

rain invasion wind erosion stone boundary


han Bo Wang Hou Zhang Qian Li

Datang Anxi Duhufu

Ha ha, I was so drunk…