[Original] Internship Life-Wei Qingwei (Production Department)



Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon are running fast, and I am already an intern in a twinkling of an eye. Leaving the familiar campus and entering the unfamiliar working environment, I feel a little uncomfortable. Say goodbye to the lazy life of the university, you can no longer do what you like at will, but concentrate on your work, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, and you should not be careless.

I like my internship very much. The internship arranged for me by the factory is ingredients. On the first day of the internship, Manager Meng of the Administration Department introduced us to the background of Lijiexun and led us to visit the factory. We had a general understanding of Lijiexun. Lijiexun started in October 1997. The main product is freeze-dried powder injection, but the product level is low and the profit is low. Therefore, the focus is on the R & D department to develop new products and introduce new production lines. The spirit of Lijiexun is honest, responsible, upward and innovative. Slogan: Good medicine, for health. Under the manager's explanation, I learned to do well what I don't want to do, plan my life, and have short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. You must have a sense of teamwork and planning. The reason why you can sell well is that people need you, people like you, have a sense of problems, should you mention problems when you encounter problems, and pay attention to communication skills and methods. Efficiency consciousness, self-confidence consciousness, competition consciousness, self-innovation consciousness, combined with personality. Responsible for data processing in the process of production and inspection, take the initiative to help others, do things actively, respect leaders, respect old colleagues, do things in a high profile, be a low-key person, and personal connections are the most important. Learn to sell yourself, treat others with praise, do not speak ill of others behind their backs, be good at adjusting your mentality, learn to enjoy the process, and show weakness when people are under great pressure. Can not change the environment, we must adapt to the environment.

On the second day of the internship, Wang Ping, the manager of the production department, shared his experience with us. The first job after the internship was very important. After the internship, he chose to stay and had more work experience than others. If you have conflicts with your colleagues, you should learn to be tolerant, accept all rivers, and ask more questions if you have any questions. Set goals at the beginning of the work. People must learn to enjoy and struggle all their lives, and they are not living in vain. If you choose an industry, do it in a down-to-earth manner. Don't cross the line easily. If things go on like this, you will find your own value. As well as the composition of the workshop, air quality requirements, filtration equipment requirements, the company's product formulations. The lifeblood of medicine is research and development, and the lifeblood of research and development is new drugs.

On the third day of the internship, Director Zeng Navy of the Production Department taught us the basic knowledge of equipment operation safety. Let us understand that freeze-dried products are the production trend of new drugs in the future. The case of illegal operation is introduced, which makes us understand the necessity of standardizing operation and avoiding safety accidents. And Minister Yang of the Security Department gave us safety education. Director Zeng Haijun also introduced us to the code of conduct in clean areas, popularized the sources and prevention of microorganisms in workshops, and the main reasons for the risk of pollution in post operations. The changing process of different clean areas is introduced in detail. Roughly understand the career planning of workshop work, and personally take us to visit each workshop to understand the technological process of the water making room.

After one week of theoretical practice, Yuan Baoer took me to practice the sterilization operation in familiar ingredients. The workshop is a Class B clean area. First of all, when I go to work, I go to the sterilization room to take out the instruments and equipment needed on that day, mainly clamps, valves, gaskets, rubber conduits, filter elements, etc. Then go to the airlock and get a bucket with blue and yellow rags. Enter the storage tank room, first turn on the high-efficiency filter switch, then remove each valve of the sterilization tank, put it into the bucket, clean it with water for injection for several times, and then put it back again. Open the outlet switch and sewage pipe switch, open the tank cover, introduce water for injection into the tank, clean the tank wall and stirring paddle, clean for more than ten minutes, turn off the water for injection, when the water in the tank is drained clean, reopen the water for injection, close the valve at the outlet, unload the sewage pipe, go to the transmission window to fetch the glass bottle, open the valve at the outlet, clean the glass bottle a little for several times, fill with water, and test 8042 conductivity, only when the conductivity is qualified can sterilization be started. Turn on the 8001 before sterilization to turn on the pure steam for sterilization. Before turning on the steam, make sure that the outlet valve and the blowdown pipe valve are fully opened. First, let the pure steam flow for a while, then slowly close the outlet valve, slightly open the respirator, and observe the readings of the pressure gauge and thermometer. The temperature is appropriate between 121 and 125, and the pressure shall not exceed 0.2MPa. The temperature and pressure are controlled by adjusting the outlet valve. It is worth noting that before the pure steam is passed, the valve directly below the pressure gauge must be opened to drain the water in the pressure gauge, otherwise it will easily lead to inaccurate pressure. During the sterilization process, people cannot leave. Observe the pressure and temperature at any time. Once the pressure and temperature are lower than the standard, the sterilization time must be extended accordingly to ensure thorough sterilization. The sterilization time is 30 minutes. After the sterilization time has come, first turn off the pure steam switch, and then turn off the discharge port valve for a while. The purpose is to drain the pressure in the tank so as not to cause the tank wall to sink. At the same time, turn on the respirator and turn off the sewage pipe switch. The sample sterilization is completed. Note that the pipeline for supplying pure steam must be tightened and in place before sterilization, otherwise it will be very difficult to adjust the pipeline after the pure steam is delivered. The test results show that the degree of the thermometer is lower than that of the electronic meter at the bottom of the tank, with a maximum difference of 8 ℃, so you must remember to turn on the electronic meter switch during sterilization, otherwise it is easy to cause the actual temperature in the tank to be too high, causing certain risks to the operation. In addition, I was sometimes scheduled to prepare materials, learned the process parameters of various drugs, and understood that when weighing or not using drugs, the field should be cleared at intervals of 15 minutes, otherwise cross-infection would occur.

above is my recent internship experience. I feel that I have gained a lot. I will continue to work hard, guard against arrogance and rashness, do my job well and strive to become a qualified employee as soon as possible.