[Original] Can you finish the digital game from 1 to 600 one by one?-Zhou Liqun (Sales Department)



weekend and friends to the student street Taobao. I found a very special booth: there were plush toys but they were not sold. It said that from 1 to 600, there was no time limit, no speed limit, no missing writing, reversal, no smearing or modification in the middle. If there was a problem in the middle of the free delivery of plush toys, I would have to pay 30 yuan money to buy a bottle of shampoo provided by the vendor. Is there such a "good thing"? "It's too easy to write numbers, isn't it? What's so difficult about such simple Arabic numbers." "Yes, that's not a minute." "Boss, has anyone taken this." "Of course there is. This little girl has already written more than 400." Everyone said a lot. After watching it for a while, it was almost time for dinner. I 'd better fill my stomach first. My friends and I left.

When I got home, I kept thinking about this game and wondered if I could finish it. So I took out my pen and paper and started. When it was time to write a 310, I wrote a 120, "strange, I clearly thought of 310". Tried several times, all ended in failure. (⊙o⊙)… I began to doubt my IQ,EQ.

so online Baidu, really have. Surprisingly, writing from 1 to 600 seems simple, but few people can actually write it right. Experts say this: error-prone due to thinking burnout.

"This number game uses the thinking characteristics of the human brain." The time of high concentration of human attention is very short, usually 5-10 minutes. When attention is highly focused, the brain needs to consume a lot of energy, so once relaxed, it is prone to burnout. For example, when driving in an urban area, due to the complex road conditions, the driver's attention is generally safer; for example, when driving on a highway, because the road conditions are simple, you only need to control the direction and speed. The driver is prone to fatigue, but it is more dangerous. "Writing a number game is actually taking advantage of people's psychology and writing step by step, which will make the writer feel tired after two or three minutes, and the probability of making mistakes will be high." Experts also said that the average person can insist on writing 300 is already very good.

So, can you finish the digital game from 1 to 600?