[Original] Hometown-Wang Xiaoming (R & D Department)



The Chinese New Year is approaching, and the villagers have become lively. They are all talking about the Spring Festival. It seems that this year's Spring Festival will be even more lively.

Spring Festival, the traditional festival, is the most valued in China and my favorite festival when I was young. I remember that when I was in elementary school and junior high school, every December of the lunar calendar, many migrant workers would come back one after another. They worked hard for a year outside. No matter whether they had money or not, they would come back in good clothes and bring food to their families., Play, and give red envelopes to elders and children on New Year's Eve. Every time people who go out come back, they will be asked where they work, how is their work this year, and whether they have talked about their girlfriends....... When everyone came back in 1989 of the lunar calendar, the whole village became very lively, and many long-lost and familiar faces could get together again. Adults were more likely to have various parties, play poker, and visit relatives; children played various games., Set off firecrackers, burn bonfires, etc., the entire Spring Festival is spent in this atmosphere. But I always feel that it is very short. Before long, the Spring Festival will pass, and many people have to leave their homes to go out again. I am looking forward to the Spring Festival in the coming year.

grew up year after year, and many fellow villagers who went out slowly started their business and did not have time to come back during the Spring Festival. In the back, the villagers were also taken out to work together. Usually, only the elderly and children were in the village. Gradually, many young people took away the old people and children, and very few people stayed, so you can imagine what the atmosphere will be like this year's Spring Festival.

Sometimes I want to experience the Spring Festival again, but that environment no longer exists, and in the near future, the whole village may even disappear. Because in this process of urbanization, in this originally rural-based country, whether we like it or not, many villages are disappearing every day. But did you choose urbanization or you choose the hometown where I was born and raised?