[Original] On the Road-Qiu Fuqin (Sales Department)



After a busy day, I'm on my way home. I live far away from the company. I used to ride an electric car for a period of time. It took me about 40 minutes to go back. Now I take the bus, someone asked me why I no longer ride an electric car, I just laughed but did not answer, because there are many reasons, not a word can be said clearly. It takes about an hour to take a bus, depending on the traffic conditions at that time. One hour can do a lot of things, one hour can also think a lot of questions. However, if you stand in the carriage boring, one hour will only be a long one.

Once upon a time, there was no live TV broadcast on the bus. I remember that many years ago, the bus was broadcast with 996 frequency. It was a good pastime to listen to advertisements, news, songs and so on during the long journey. Now, Fuzhou Mobile Channel has replaced the wireless broadcast, and the content is more colorful. There are the latest international current affairs news, as well as Fuzhou local news 110. I am in charge of home decoration for buying a house, and there are also food lovers who have a good taste. And what I like best is the very cola and Liaozhai night talk broadcast in Europe and America. Very cola is a very creative entertainment program. The performer's humorous and amusing practice often makes the whole carriage burst into laughter. There are also Liaozhai night talks that go home at night, Yao Min and Da, humorous and witty, all over the world, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, entertainment gossip, folk customs and local feelings, are involved. I also told a lot of strange things about people, and I could also learn some common sense around me, so that I could see the big world outside in Fuzhou.

On the road, on the bus, a small bus, like a small world, also like a big family, you come and go. Here, you can see all kinds of people; here you can see all kinds of life in the world; here, all the things that happen are a microcosm of the world; here, Fuzhou mobile TV station accompanied me through countless times on my way home.