[Original] Training Experience of Company System-Lei Guihua (Administrative Division)



"No rules, no countryside" is a cliché, but its meaning is obvious. The system is an important guarantee for us to improve our work efficiency. If we do not understand the system and do not follow the system in our work, it will hinder the work progress, hinder the normal operation of the company, and affect the long-term development of the company. Only when the employees of the company consciously abide by the company's rules and regulations, can the company's operation be rationalized, planned and institutionalized, and the company can become bigger and stronger. The development and growth of

enterprises is inseparable from a sound and reasonable rules and regulations. As the company's grass-roots employees, we are strict with ourselves, understand the company's various systems and abide by them all the time, take the system as our standard line, and strictly require ourselves. What struck me most about this study was that there is no perfect person, but there is a perfect team. An excellent team is based on mutual support and trust.

Although the time is short, as long as we persist in learning, we can continue to progress and grow. Therefore, we should be grateful for the heart, and strive to build an excellent team for the sustainable development of the company to do their best.