[Original] Feelings of First Business Trip to Pharmaceutical Factory-Zhang Jiancheng (Administrative Division)



[Original] Feelings of First Business Trip to Pharmaceutical Factory-Zhang Jiancheng (Administrative Division)

Time passed so fast that I came to Lijiexun unconsciously for three weeks. During my work, I felt the company's corporate culture, the enthusiasm of colleagues and the affinity of leaders.

During the induction training, the manager explained the company profile to me and introduced the situation of the pharmaceutical factory. The pharmaceutical factory is located in Zherong County Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Ningde City. The air there is fresh, the scenery is very good, and it is close to the mountain. Suddenly, I became curious about the pharmaceutical factory and wanted to visit the pharmaceutical factory early.

received the manager's notice to go to the pharmaceutical factory on April 21 on a business trip, because I am a network maintenance specialist and go to the pharmaceutical factory every month to check the operation of network equipment and servers to ensure the normal operation of the pharmaceutical factory network. On the day of the business trip of

, I went to Fuzhou South Railway Station early and set off with my colleagues. After checking the tickets, I got on the bullet train to Fuding. The bullet train was speeding along like a long snake through the mountains. Through the window, the landscape is the same color, the scenery is very beautiful, the feeling is to travel, the mood is good, very relaxed. After more than an hour, I arrived at Fuding Station. After getting off the bus, I got on the bus bound for Zherong. The bus was driving on the mountain road. All the way, I arrived at Zherong Station in an hour. After getting off the bus, I felt Zherong's culture and Zherong's simple style.

taxis arrived at the pharmaceutical factory in a few minutes. when they arrived at the pharmaceutical factory, they saw the eight characters of honesty, responsibility, upward and innovation printed on the administrative office building. the slogan "make medicine well for health" can be seen everywhere, seeing the publicity of outstanding employees, management personnel profiles, enterprise party members, etc. on the publicity board, I once again felt the strong corporate culture of Lijiexun. The colleagues in the pharmaceutical factory were also very enthusiastic. The colleagues who accompanied me took me to visit the pharmaceutical factory and became familiar with the environment of the pharmaceutical factory. When it was time to eat, I saw the staff walking into the canteen one by one. After a while, the canteen was full of people, just like a big family eating in the canteen. In the evening, the whole pharmaceutical factory is particularly quiet, living in the pharmaceutical factory living area, the heart is very quiet, gradually, gradually fell asleep......