[Original] Where has the time gone-lin li (R & D Center)



Time is unidirectional, irreversible, and always forward. A few days ago, I met relatives who had not seen them for many years. Looking at the white hair, I felt more and more that the years were urging people to grow old! His memory of her or in childhood, impressed, waving not to go ........ Where is the time?

When I went back to my hometown one day, the paths in my hometown were still there, although some of them had been changed into concrete roads. The alma mater was still there, although there was no change, only a high wall was added. I vaguely heard the sound of books in my childhood. I can vividly remember the pictures of childhood: playing on the playground, a popsicle, two partners...

"Time is like an arrow, time like a shuttle". Where did Wang Zhengliang's song go? I don't know how many people's deep feelings have been touched. It is not easy to feel the passage of time and the parents. Life around the child, full of children crying and laughing. When the children are grown up, their parents are old, and for half their lives, there are only wrinkles on their faces.

The giving and giving of parents will be fixed in our deep minds and become eternal wealth.

time let a person learn to forget, time also let you remember to remember, time will let you learn to grow up. Time is fair, cherish the good time, work hard and live well. Don't waste your time, in the end you can only be empty and sad!