[Original] Cohesion to Create a Common Future-Liu Jie (Administrative Division)



[Original] Cohesion to Create a Common Future-Liu Jie (Administrative Division)

On June 26, 2015, in Fuzhou Minhou Qipan Village, Lijiexun launched a two-day and one-night outward bound training. A total of 34 middle and senior executives of the company participated in the outward bound training.

company hopes to cultivate the awareness of cooperation among teams and the details of communication management through team development activities, so that students can realize the importance of cooperation, promote communication and cooperation among employees, improve cohesion and feel the strength of the team.

The "Team Breaking Ice and Creation" at the beginning of the expansion allows the students to clarify the rules of the training camp, create the 2015 Lijie Express Learning Group, stimulate each student's sense of participation, and determine the team's goals. Team members work together to set solid and pragmatic goals.

Communication and Collaboration "Rapid 60 Seconds" enables everyone to experience high-speed cooperation, improve the tacit understanding of collaboration, and experience the great joy of team success. It also makes everyone understand that the wisdom of the team is the difference of individuals, and only the differences of individuals can be brought together, these differences will bring great wisdom to the team; competition is not the goal, win-win may be the best choice.

What impresses everyone most is the team communication "Tangram". It makes everyone realize the importance of cross-departmental communication, enhances mutual understanding, cooperation and support among various departments of the team, and it is most important for personal interests to obey the overall interests. Let everyone learn to consider problems from a higher perspective;

The last course of this expansion, team cohesion "One Circle to the End", team integration "Power Circle" and so on, this link first reflects the importance of team goal management, team innovation, implementation while how to keep improving, continuous improvement, so that the team centripetal force towards the same goal, through team cooperation, team integration, accomplish our common goals.

Of course, this time there are also communication and implementation of "Soldiers on the Field", team communication "Challenge for 5 Minutes", team cooperation "Clever Moving Santa Tower" and so on, all of which have left a deep impression on everyone. Not only the importance of team cohesion exists, but also more implementation is the mission of each team member, enhancing students' awareness of implementation and understanding of the importance of 100 percent implementation, in order to clearly know how to complete the team task efficiently. In the course of this course, there are sweat and cheers. Everyone who participates has benefited a lot from it and has a new self-understanding.

Through this team activity, the Lijiexun team reached the consensus of team integration, team cooperation, efficient execution and sunny mentality. It played an important role in establishing the cohesion of Lijiexun members, improving the team's concerted efforts, improving the execution and team cooperation. At the retreat on the first evening, the general manager and executive vice president of the company gave a high evaluation of this, and encouraged the later stage to push such expansion activities to the grass-roots level!