Listen to the voice of the grassroots, smooth communication channels. -- "General Manager Reception Day" interview documentary



Listen to the voice of the grassroots, smooth communication channels. --

listen to the voice of the grassroots, smooth communication channels. On July 15 and 22, 2015, the "General Manager Reception Day" symposium was held in the conference room of the administrative building of the pharmaceutical factory and the conference room of the Fuzhou office respectively. The meeting was presided over by the representative of the company's executive vice president, Mr. Lin Jun, and came from all departments of the company. 25 grassroots employees had a frank exchange.

"If you have anything you want to say, you can talk about it as if you are friends. No matter what you have in life or work, if you have any suggestions or opinions that need the help of the company, you can speak freely here today." Lin's sincere and simple opening remarks created a democratic and relaxed atmosphere for the reception day activities. At the symposium, everyone spoke freely in close connection with the actual work and life, and expressed their opinions on the management process, personnel training, procurement links, canteen conditions and employee requirements that plagued the company's development.

During the whole meeting, Vice President Lin Jun listened carefully to the speeches of every employee present, asked about the details from time to time, and directly gave relevant answers to some questions present, while others required relevant departments to give answers within a time limit. Comprehensive issues related to overall work need to be carefully studied and responded to. Finally, the improvement measures for the issues raised by employees will be followed up and announced.

Vice President Lin said that he was very grateful to the employees who moved us to participate in this symposium with the attitude of masters, and put forward many valuable suggestions and opinions. It also exposed some problems and deficiencies in the company's management. Of course, the solution to the problem is not achieved overnight. It is a gradual work. I also hope that the employees of the company can understand and give the company time. At the same time, they also have full confidence in the company. We will work together to move towards a better tomorrow!